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  • PDA-247

    I have no idea why PDA-247 is still live because I am not paying for any hosting, but it looks as though someone is sitting on the domain name and using my content. Still, it’s interesting to look back to… Read More ›

  • ‘Pure Gold’ AirPods Max ($108,000)

    The custom AirPods Max will be available in white and black, with each color offered “in a single piece worldwide,” suggesting that the headphones may be quite exclusive. In the words of Caviar, the pure gold design apparently “looks elegant,… Read More ›

  • Walking

    There were so few activities that were probably safe. Taking a stroll was one of them. With our worlds so small, it feels good to move around and luxuriate in the air that isn’t stagnated inside your four walls. Walks… Read More ›

  • Stefan Sagmeister: shopping in boxes…

    We also talked about some of his other recent projects, including Sagmeister And Walsh: Beauty, a book he co-authored with his business partner Jessica Walsh lamenting the absence of beauty in 20th-century design and the importance of reviving it as… Read More ›

  • Five ways to stay positive

    The last few months have been awful for so many people, with millions dealing with grief, stress, financial difficulties, job losses and isolation caused by the pandemic.Now Christmas is over and the long dark winter months are here – a… Read More ›


    Back in the 1970’s, YEMA launched its first revolving disc watch collection which was highly sought-after by Japanese YEMA fans. This contemporary DIGIDISC Japan Edition uses YEMA’s automatic In-house Caliber to produce a (semi) digital time display using discs that… Read More ›

  • What’s next?

    I have written a few times about the way 2020 affected me and over the past few weeks the feeling has become more intense, to the point of it feeling overwhelming at times. I believe that it has come from… Read More ›

  • Frank wins by an Ocean

    I decided to run my Apple Music year in review and was shocked to discover the results of what I have listened to in 2020. Safe to say that Frank Ocean won by a mile and I really cannot explain… Read More ›

  • The Conqueror Virtual Challenges

    Spice up your motivation for running, walking or cycling (or any distance based exercise) by taking on one of our virtual fitness challenges. Each challenge can be completed in the timeframe that suits you, either individually or in teams. Connect… Read More ›

  • Would you eat a Skittle?