The Razer Zephyr Wearable Air Purifier

The box says the Zephyr uses “99% BFE Tested N95 Grade Filters”—BFE is Bacterial Filtration Efficiency. That’s not the same as Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE), and those standards are tested differently. Razer told us that it worked with a company called Intertek to perform the testing for BFE certification, and 99% is pretty good, considering the N95 standard is based on 95% BFE. Razer has also filed the Zephyr with the FDA. All that said, the Zephyr is clearly not a medical-grade mask; your surgeon shouldn’t be wearing one… More here.

I am proud to wear a mask when out and about and despite being in the minority I remain so. This, however, is a completely different thing, but there is something so crazy about the design that I find myself wanting to at least try it.

Turn an AAA battery into an AA battery instantly

Your wireless mouse has died and you’re on deadline. Or you kid’s toy stopped working and they’re not happy.

If you’re out of AA batteries, did you know you can use a smaller AAA battery by folding up a small bit of tin foil and inserting it on one of the ends?

It totally works since AA and AAA batteries carry the same amount of voltage… More here.

Some very useful hacks on this page, especially the battery one.

$649 Dyson Fan vs. $15 Walmart Fan

When I was young, I was a little obsessed with how cool Dyson fans were. But are they actually worth that amount of money? In this relatively silly video, I’m going to compare it to my $15 Walmart fan with wind speed and sound level tests!

My wife and I bought a Dyson fan during a particularly hot spell a few years ago. We returned it within an hour because we could perceive no benefits over a normal fan and the noise level was ridiculous. James Dyson then went on to become an ardent and vocal Brexiteer so my money would never go his way again. The video above really is enlightening.

Rubik’s Connected

A reinvented version of the classic Rubik’s Cube to fit the 21st century. The Rubik’s Connected cube is an innovative app-enabled cube puzzle game that connects to your phone or tablet through Bluetooth and allows you to LEARN how to solve the Rubik’s, PLAY mini-games, IMPROVE your game and BATTLE with other cubers around the world… More here.

I guess this makes sense in 2021 as a way to breathe life into the legend, but it still feels as though it is better when unconnected.

Some retailers never learn…

The above, from Curry’s in the UK, highlights a continuing problem with tech listing and the seeming inability of the people publishing the items to understand what the products actually. This is such a simple part of the process, when compared to customer service and all of the other parts of retail, yet it goes wrong time and time again. It must cost a lot of money and also cause much customer frustration.

The GARMIN fenix watch is a great product, but why on earth would Apple Music, Apple News+ etc be relevant to this purchase. They have no bearing at all and cannot be used with the Garmin so I suspect it is just a generic promotion. Also, surely the ‘New & returning customers only’ bit means everyone?

Of course Argos had to pop up, a retailer with an endless ability to provide haphazard and poor service. In the above listing you can save money by purchasing McAfee Total Protection Unlimited (Windows only!) for your new MacBook.

I am sure that there must be many more out there and I shudder at how many customers fall foul of these absurd promotions.

Reading on iPad vs Kindle

Is it better to read on your iPad or read on your Kindle? Today we discuss the differences between the two and which is better!

I expected the Kindle to win easily, but not in this video. He is of course wrong in a lot of what he says and forgot about battery life and reading in all conditions. Good video though.

Music in your head and music for your eyes

Imagine a world where you move around in your own personal sound bubble. You listen to your favorite tunes, play loud computer games, watch a movie or get navigation directions in your car — all without disturbing those around you.

That’s the possibility presented by “sound beaming,” a new futuristic audio technology from Noveto Systems, an Israeli company. On Friday it will debut a desktop device that beams sound directly to a listener without the need for headphones… More here.

I remember directed music being demonstrated when I was a teenager so this is surprisingly not new. I like the idea though.

Sleevenote is a unique premium music player that allows you to experience your music collection as a rich art-led experience.

Artwork is presented using the whole screen, creating a focussed experience for the albums you love.

Album artwork, the original and most authentic presentation of music, has been miniaturised and compromised in the transition to digital. Whether or not you remember the heyday of vinyl or even CD, albums have always come with extra stuff that you’ve been missing… More here.

This is a lovely idea, but at more than £500 it is a very hard sell.

The Reon Pocket

The Reon Pocket is a fairly slim palm-sized white plastic device that charges over USB-C and connects to your iOS or Android phone with Bluetooth. It definitely looks like a Sony gadget. There’s a silicone pad on the back that you can press against your skin, and the Reon Pocket uses the Peltier effect to cool or warm itself up by absorbing and releasing heat. You can use it handheld, but the most widely promoted use cases involves buying Sony’s special V-neck undershirts with a pocket on the inner back to keep the device resting between your shoulder blades… More here.

I love this idea, particularly as someone who loves hot weather, but also suffers in it.

HybridDrive: too good to be true?

As more laptop devices are converting to USB Type-C, many gadgets and devices have not. HybridDrive acts as a bridge to connect, providing a smooth connection to gadgets that are incompatible otherwise. Besides, up to 2TB SSD storage is included for your disposal.

HybridDrive solves all your missing ports and storage needs… More here.

This looked good until I saw that it was an Indiegogo project. Just maybe the project will come to fruition though.