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  • Limit the iPhone 13 Pro refresh rate (dizziness)

    I noticed something strange yesterday. On my iPad Air (2020) I am not suffering dizziness when scrolling up and down, but I am on my iPhone 13 Pro. I initially wondered if it was the screen size, but then I… Read More ›

  • Google Pixel Watch renders

    These slides come courtesy of Jon Prosser, highlighting the watch’s circular display with a bezel-less design and how it will bring “unity to hardware and software.” The circular knob on the right of the smartwatch could be helpful while scrolling… Read More ›

  • Chargie

    Chargie is the only charging manager that can physically halt the charging process at your chosen percentage (the lower, the better), so that the battery will actually outlast the phone. This will allow you to recycle your device by donating… Read More ›

  • The Great Escape

    There was only one problem: PetSmart. Groomers were pressured to complete as many dogs as possible, through a constant whirlwind of commotion and barking and often verbal abuse and harassment from customers. Without enough staff available, Caroline sometimes worked seven… Read More ›

  • The World’s End

    This is brilliant! Funny, educational and perfectly sarcastic.

  • Dropping back

    I’m going to drop back on the amount posted on McGST for a short period while I deal with a health issue. My old balance problems have returned in full force to the point that I am dizzy throughout most… Read More ›

  • I Miss it All

    I’ve spent the last eight months unable to run, rehabbing the damage done to my leg as a result of an osteochondral lesion in my knee. I recently underwent surgery to transplant cadaver cartilage into the small area on my… Read More ›

  • Nefarico™ Chalet

    When The Hussalonia Founder learned that he was indefinitely assigned to be the house entertainment at Nefarico™ Chalet, needless to say, he was not pleased. Remotely located just outside the Swiss Alps, in a heavily-wooded area where few tourists dare… Read More ›

  • 27 asylum seekers drowning reacted to with laughing emojis

    Six miles off the coast of Calais a crumpled inflatable was sinking to the sea bed. Baran’s lifeless body was one of 27 floating in the icy water. A KentOnline article about the shipwreck popped up on Steve’s timeline. He… Read More ›