Google Maps is ruining your neighbourhood

Since 2008 – when the Google Maps mobile app first launched – traffic has increased, with the number of vehicles on UK streets rising from 34 million to nearly 39 million at the end of 2019.

However, traffic on the UK’s motorways and ‘A’ roads – major roads intended to provide large-scale transport links within or between areas – has stayed relatively flat… More here.

I suspect this criticism could be thrown at TomTom, Waze, Apple Maps and many other navigation platforms, but it is ultimately a race to the bottom. At some point there needs to be more intelligence built in which sends certain percentages of people through each route, but then you may have to pay for ‘quicker routing’ and I suspect that the only solution is to reduce the amount of traffic. Good luck with that…,

OpoLua: the return of Psion!

View MBM image files, OPL scripts, and AIF resources, listen to sound files, and run OPL scripts and programs from Psion and Psion-compatible computers on iOS and iPadOS… More here.

It’s not perfect and it takes some time to understand how to install files, but this is a welcome development for those of us who have never forgotten the magnificence of the Psion system.

Random Reddit being re-written

Redditors told us they want an easier way to explore current and new interests, so today, we are rolling out our first new surface in nearly two years – the Discover Tab. This new navigational tool provides redditors with an engaging way to more easily find content and communities across Reddit… More here.

I cannot count the number of times that I find information via a Google search which takes me to Reddit, where the answer I need invariably is there. I can, however, count the number of times I have visited Reddit deliberately and soon given up because it is so random to use. It almost feels too big to be a part of.

Gentler Streak: lose the Apple Watch rings!

Gentler Streak is a personal fitness habit tracker offering a fresh, more compassionate approach. Making rest days part of a streak challenges the unrealistic mainstream mindset of always pushing harder — and it changes streaks as we know them… More here.

This looks very impressive indeed. The Apple ring system has never really grabbed me for long periods of time and if anything I find the whole system annoying. I shall pick up my Apple Watch again and try it for a few days to see how good this solution is.

Glass for iPad

Glass has come to the iPad! Nothing feels quite like it — it’s so easy to get lost in your feed or a Category. Total immersion in the photography. iPad has immediately become our favorite way to experience Glass. We have more we want to talk about, but go download it right now and then come back… More here.

I don’t use my iPad Air for many tasks, mainly YouTube and LBC, but this could be an entertaining time-filler.

On Not Being the Free Alternative

We realize that free and open source apps often do have the mission of mimicking the features of some one or several commercial apps, as if they’re Prometheus bringing features to the common computer user — but that is not our mission.

Our mission is to make the best RSS reader that we like making. We value stability, high performance, clarity, and lots of figurative air and space rather than a mélange of features… More here.

An excellent explanation of how our expectations can be unrealistic and at times harmful.

Automatically apply for new jobs daily

LazyApply is a tool designed to cut some of the mundanity out of your job search. And a lifetime subscription is on sale for just $67.

The LazyApply app was built to speed up your application process through automation. It eliminates the need to constantly repeat the same tasks over and over again, and instead, allows you to apply to hundreds of jobs in just a single click. It works across platforms you’re likely already using, like LinkedIn and Indeed… More here.

What a stupid idea this is. Imagine how quickly this could spiral out of control, to the point that ‘real’ applications no longer exist.

Marking Apple messages as unread

But the most popular messaging app on iOS, Messages, has never implemented “Mark as Unread” even though users have been clamoring for it for years and it’s been rumored that they tested it. What’s even wilder is that iMessage doesn’t have any other in-app way for the user to signal that they need to return to a message in order to respond to it… More here.

Apple Messages is just about perfect if you ask me, but I like so many others do not understand the lack of unread abilities. There have been so many times when it would have been extremely useful. Come on Apple, sort it out.

Which Apps Collect the Most Personal Data?

According to a study conducted by pCloud, 52% of apps share your data with third parties. It found that Instagram shares 79% of your personal data, putting it ahead of Facebook, which shares 57% of your data, by comparison. The top 10 also include LinkedIn, Uber Eats, Trainline, YouTube and YouTube Music, Deliveroo, Duolingo, and eBay… More here.

No surprises as to who the biggest data grabbers are, but always good to have an idea of what is happening out there.