Taking notes

Writing is an essential part of learning. Through writing, we demonstrate what we have learned. We display the ability to think critically. And we develop ideas. But writing is not just the result of learning; it is also the medium. Yes, you write a blog post on a topic you have just learned, but you […]

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The Plain Text Project

This is an ever-expanding list of tools that can help you work and live more efficiently in plain text. In case you’re wondering, I’ve worked with or tried all of these tools. This page isn’t meant to be a comprehensive resource. If your favourite or favoured tool isn’t here, there’s a reason for that — […]

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We tried reaching out to Apple a total of 9 times last week, with no success

But Apple rejected it. They incorrectly argue again that our keyboard extension doesn’t work without “full access”, something they rejected us for THREE years ago. Back then we successfully appealed and overturned their decision, and this hadn’t been a problem since. Until now… The full thread is here and it is worth checking out. Apple’s […]

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Relax, express yourself, and create mandalas and wallpapers. With the swish of a finger, Silk strands mingle and fuse, weaving together into wonderful works of art. Silk supports all iPhones and iPads, is enhanced for 3D touch, and specifically designed for the Apple Pencil. Buy once, run everywhere! A stunning app. You can check out […]

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They Might Be Giants (the app)

A different song every day! They Might Be Giants’ official and totally free song app includes new Dial-A-Song tracks and songs from the band’s vast catalog. The app holds five tracks at all times… More here. I love the personality in the design of this app and the fact that the number of tracks available […]

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