Five ways to stay positive

The last few months have been awful for so many people, with millions dealing with grief, stress, financial difficulties, job losses and isolation caused by the pandemic.Now Christmas is over and the long dark winter months are here – a… Read More ›

What’s next?

I have written a few times about the way 2020 affected me and over the past few weeks the feeling has become more intense, to the point of it feeling overwhelming at times. I believe that it has come from… Read More ›

These Precious Days

The experience of waiting backstage before an event is always the same. I can never quite hear what the person making the introduction is saying, and for a moment I wouldn’t be able to tell you the name of the… Read More ›


It is close to impossible to write an article about 2020 because it feels as if we have been analysing every moment and everything about ourselves for the past few months. We have not been able to avoid the new… Read More ›

Tethered to the machine

A stress test had recently suggested that plaque had built up in his blood vessels, giving him coronary artery disease. It was common for patients with kidney failure. If his heart was weakening, he didn’t have much time to get… Read More ›

The Year That Warped Time

There’s a science to the perception of time. We’ve all got an “internal clock,” and have memory that helps measure duration and distance between events. There’s a word, zeitgeber, to describe those natural occurrences (like sunlight and seasons) by which our circadian… Read More ›