No one cares much about blogs anymore. That is a fact in a time when YouTube, TikTok and Instagram gain all of the attention. Blogs, in particular ones run by individuals are mere curiosities in an online world dominated by… Read More ›

One Webcam at a Time

The Spanish Steps webcam is affixed to the dental clinic of Dottore Mazzocco at 66 Piazza di Spagna. From this vantage point, the travertine-and-marble staircase rises majestically to the right. Built in the 1720s and recently refurbished by jeweller Bulgari… Read More ›

Quarantine has changed us

For some, going back isn’t even an option. Those who are grieving the loss of loved ones, for example, have suffered a tragic and irrevocable loss. Millions who’ve lost their jobs don’t have any work to go back to, and… Read More ›