The Year That Warped Time

There’s a science to the perception of time. We’ve all got an “internal clock,” and have memory that helps measure duration and distance between events. There’s a word, zeitgeber, to describe those natural occurrences (like sunlight and seasons) by which our circadian… Read More ›

The Social Life of Forests

As a child, Suzanne Simard often roamed Canada’s old-growth forests with her siblings, building forts from fallen branches, foraging mushrooms and huckleberries and occasionally eating handfuls of dirt (she liked the taste). Her grandfather and uncles, meanwhile, worked nearby as… Read More ›

Best Crime Reporting of 2020

Through December, we’re featuring Longreads’ Best of 2020. After taking a plunge into the murky world of crime, we narrowed down our favorites. Enjoy these Best of Crime reads, showcasing gripping tales and insights into the human psyche… More here…. Read More ›

Apple Silicon M1 Disruption

First, Markitecture. A participant I won’t name argued that Apple Silicon is “just marketing BS”, that a “Raspberry Pi is an ARM computer just like an M1 Mac”. Knowledgeable participants gently explained that starting with the A6, Apple Silicon cores… Read More ›

The best articles of 2020

If you are looking for some decent longform articles, this selection from Pocket will keep you busy for a while. Well worth checking out no matter what Read Later service you use.

Castles in the Sky

While renovating a house in San Francisco, a couple discovered a diary, hidden away for more than a century. It held a love story—and a mystery. A few years ago, my husband and I decided to buy a house. We… Read More ›