I watched a small part of George Floyd’s funeral yesterday and had to turn it off quite quickly. As they spoke of him ‘looking down’ on them and effectively being in heaven I was reminded of the following- George Floyd… Read More ›

The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy

On 23 December 1924, a group of leading international businessmen gathered in Geneva for a meeting that would alter the world for decades to come. Present were top representatives from all the major lightbulb manufacturers, including Germany’s Osram, the Netherlands’… Read More ›

Long May They Reign

Most female monarchs disperse their eggs as widely as possible, but for unknowable reasons, Ovaltine laid almost 600 in Beyer’s yard. Under normal conditions, fewer than 5 percent of monarch eggs survive to adulthood. Beyer wanted the marvel she had… Read More ›

John F. Kennedy’s Watch

Today’s JFK’s Omega Ultra Thin sits in Omega’s museum in Bienne, Switzerland—the brand purchased the watch at auction for $350,000 in 2005. And as far as presidential watches go, it remains an artifact of a different time. With the exception… Read More ›