Is a foldable iPad coming?

The talk surrounding a foldable iPhone has been running for some time now as the competition continues to try to make the idea into something vaguely useable in spite of the obvious constraints. Just like styluses on phones I continue… Read More ›

The Vinegar Valentine

The Valentine’s Day love note from a secret admirer has an evil twin—the “vinegar valentine” from a hidden hater. When mass-produced valentines replaced handmade ones in the Victorian era, satirical valentines were as available as sentimental ones. Vinegar valentines, ancestors… Read More ›

The Mysteries Of Time

Physicists in the university’s Research Laboratory of Electronics have developed an atomic clock that takes advantage of the way atoms behave when they’ve been quantumly entangled. A typical atomic clock works by measuring the vibrations at the atomic level of… Read More ›