The “Lizard Brain”

You’ve heard of the so-called “Lizard Brain”, haven’t you? The “Lizard Brain” is the popular term used for the limbic system inside our brains. While this system is just one part of the human brain, and it’s about all a lizard has for brain function. The limbic system basically keeps you alive. It’s the part […]

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The fuse is blowing

One thing that’s hard to grasp about the climate crisis is that big changes can happen fast. In 2019, I was aboard the Nathaniel B. Palmer, a 308-foot-long scientific research vessel, cruising in front of the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica. One day, we were sailing in clear seas in front of the glacier. The next […]

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‘There’s no moment of silence’

Two Amazon workers from its Bessemer, Alabama facility died last month, one of them suffering a stroke not long after his request to go home was denied, said two of their co-workers. Speaking to workers’ rights organisation More Perfect Union, they claim that work continued as normal despite the deaths… More here. I keep reading […]

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Obsessed with driving fast

That came in handy when Kevin Roberts, a talkative, thoughtful third-year cop, steered us onto Connecticut’s Interstate 84 for the day shift. We were heading toward Waterbury, whose interlocking expressways are his to patrol. Roberts was in the left lane going 80, and I had the uncanny experience of surveying the highway from his point […]

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Keep This to Yourself

I don’t ever talk about my body, not even to my sister or close friends. I can’t. I would lose my balance, my structural integrity. Instead, for years now, I have been trying to write about it. As Richard Rodriquez wrote: “There are things that are so deeply personal that they can be revealed only […]

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The Great Escape

There was only one problem: PetSmart. Groomers were pressured to complete as many dogs as possible, through a constant whirlwind of commotion and barking and often verbal abuse and harassment from customers. Without enough staff available, Caroline sometimes worked seven days in a row. Company policy was supposed to prohibit grooming dogs with seizure disorders […]

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