South of the Circle

A narrative adventure game by the BAFTA winning studio State of Play. Antarctica, 1964.A crashed aircraft, tail to the sky. Cambridge academic Peter stumbles from the wreckage in search of help, fighting the cold. As his attempts to escape the… Read More ›

Retro Widget

Missing your old mobile phone? Check out our fresh retro widgets embedding dynamic data:• Carrier strength signal• Carrier name• Battery level• Clock• Backlight (with dark mode!) The application also includes a retro social post generator, that enables you to share… Read More ›

iOS 14 widgets

Widgets are ‘the’ big thing in iOS at the moment, but finding decents ones is a case or scouring around and seeing what works for you. Sadly, I have no miracle cure for the widget hunting, but hopefully the following… Read More ›

My “Minimal” iPhone Setup

There’s no absolute right or wrong with these choices, each way of management has its advantages and costs. However, most of them rest their hope on “the problem may disappear naturally over time”, and end up avoiding the problem instead… Read More ›