adidas Originals Superstar (in LEGO)

Just like the real thing, this LEGO version includes the iconic adidas Originals Superstar trainer graphics, shell toe shape, trefoil logo and serrated 3 stripes mark. Right shoe or left shoe? You decide! This set includes 17 extra LEGO elements so you can choose to build either the right-foot or left-foot trainer. For extra realism, it even has shoelaces and comes in an authentic shoebox.

I saw this set in a store the other day and was rather taken with the idea. The fact that the LEGO is housed in a very realistic Adidas box only adds to the sense of great attention to detail.

The Cosmo Communicator

Cosmo Communicator is the ultimate mobile device that fits in your pocket. It’s a great little computer with an excellent keyboard, a world-wide dual-SIM mobile phone and a fantastic camera – all in one!

Great for emails, messaging, editing documents, making calls and taking snaps. Running Android 9 OS as standard… More here. Thanks to Neil.

I was discussing this product with Neil the other day and we agreed that the asking price of £721.20 is way too much for what it is.

There is, however, a 30% discount currently available which helps a bit (£504.84), but alas I suspect that this particular style of device had had its day.

With the newer iPads offering the functionality the majority of people will likely need in a small package we are looking at this product based on the keyboard alone.

As magnificent as the keyboard is, and as much as I love seeing a Psion clone in 2021, I have to finally admit that those days are long gone.

DIY Watch Kit

No one wants to wear (well at least not for long) a DIY watch that screams DIY.

So we created this DIY mechanical watch with beautiful lines, refined designs and components that impress.

Don’t just brag about the process; brag about your beautiful creation… More here.

Looks expensive for what it is, but I like the idea.

The Ideal Watch Size Survey Report

I started this survey because I wanted to find out if there are any clear preferences for the size of a watch. The question of “what is the ideal size for a watch” has been thrown around for as long as I can remember. On every watch blog and discussion forum, individuals spar endlessly with comments like “40mm is the only size a man should wear”, “36mm is the only size a gentleman should consider” and so on. However, these are only individual opinions. Are there clear trends if you look at the opinions of a larger population? More here.

You have to be into watches to have any interest in this survey, but it’s kind of interesting.

How The Crown Makes Superlative Chronometers

The regulating organ is the beating heart of a movement, and as such, it is amongst the most important parts of a watch. Comprising the escapement and the oscillator, it defines the speed at which the watch runs. As such, it is the “guardian of time”. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Rolex has developed its own solutions in that field. Here are some of the most typical Rolex movement features (or striking ones that will most likely find their way to more Rolex calibres) focusing on its heart, the regulator…More here.

A technical article explained in a way even I can understand.

How Fast Does a Watch Need to Be?

Mechanical watches on the extremely high end of the spectrum run at a frequency of ten Hz or more and measure time down to 1/20th of a second. That’s extraordinary, though—most mechanical watches run at 2.5 to 4 Hz (18,000 to 28,800 vibrations per hour), which is more than enough for accurate, dependable timekeeping. (It’s worth pointing out that quartz watches, in comparison, are orders of magnitude more precise than any mechanical watch—quartz crystal vibrates at 32,768 Hz.) More here.

A subject that is often not even considered, but there is some good information in the above article. Worth a read.