The Google Pixel Watch (Fitbit is dead)

The Google Pixel Watch may not be for me (not for iPhone users for a start), but it has some key advantages that even Apple cannot match. For a start this type of product will go a long way to killing off Fitbit branded devices because it includes the Fitbit sensors and you even have … Continue reading The Google Pixel Watch (Fitbit is dead)

The Unplugged Phone

The snake oil practically sells itself. Wingnuts have been convinced that both Apple and Google are on the wrong side of the woke-commie-libtard / heroic-patriot tribal divide. But, just like people who are sane, wingnuts’ phones are deeply integrated into their lives. They’re thus stuck in a catch-22 — they don’t trust Apple or Google and definitely … Continue reading The Unplugged Phone

Persistent Lock Screen Ads (on Android of course)

Glance, a tech company based in India, will soon be putting ads on your Android lock screens, aided and abetted by your friendly wireless carriers. Glance is a $2 billion advertising technology (adtech) company backed by Google and other investors. It serves various kinds of media to the home screens of participating handsets, and may … Continue reading Persistent Lock Screen Ads (on Android of course)

Rudderless HTC

Presumably the buzzword gimmicks are meant as a distraction from the fact that the HTC Desire 22 Pro is a generic-looking mid-range phone. It has a Snapdragon 695, a 120 Hz, 6.6-inch, 2412×1080 LCD, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and a 4520 mAh battery. It has Android 12, a fingerprint reader, wireless charging, a … Continue reading Rudderless HTC

The BMW Motorsport-branded Iqoo 9 Pro

Remember when phones were fun? Recently, I’ve slotted my SIM into a bunch of high-end models that will never come to the US. The latest, the BMW Motorsport-branded Iqoo 9 Pro, is a ridiculous, over-the-top smartphone that can’t help but make you smile. Of course, like a high-performance sports car, this phone is completely impractical … Continue reading The BMW Motorsport-branded Iqoo 9 Pro

The HUAWEI MatePad Paper

There’s more than just books though, as this seems like a fully-functioning productivity device with emails, calendars, certain apps available to download from the Huawei App Gallery, handwriting conversion (using the stylus), connectivity between the Paper and a smartphone or PC, voice recording, video playback and more… More here. Almost. This does look good, but … Continue reading The HUAWEI MatePad Paper

Samsung Galaxy (Note 22☺) S22 Ultra 5G First Thoughts

(In case of variances – UK model – Black – 512gb/12GB – Dual sim – direct from Samsung) Been a while since I reviewed anything – but since it’s arrived 2 days before official launch day, it’d be rude not to give some initial impressions (clearly they’re more relaxed than Apple about launch day protocols). … Continue reading Samsung Galaxy (Note 22☺) S22 Ultra 5G First Thoughts

Joplin: notes, tasks and almost anything else

Images, videos, PDFs and audio files are supported. Create math expressions and diagrams directly from the app. Take photos with the mobile app and save them to a note… More here. It’s hard to find fault with Joplin. Open source, flexible, simple and easy to use. What more could you want?

TickTock – a really weird phone (clock) thing

There are diverse smart features integrated into the 1.3″ sub-screen, with which you can answer incoming calls, check notifications and messages, listen to music, take a selfie with the primary camera, etc. quickly and easily… More here. The physical implementation of the sub-screen is one of the strangest things I have seen on a new … Continue reading TickTock – a really weird phone (clock) thing

Google Pixel Watch renders

These slides come courtesy of Jon Prosser, highlighting the watch’s circular display with a bezel-less design and how it will bring “unity to hardware and software.” The circular knob on the right of the smartwatch could be helpful while scrolling through large lists and navigating the UI. The wearable is referred to as the Pixel … Continue reading Google Pixel Watch renders

Wear OS now in striking distance of Apple

Apple is still in first place with the Apple Watch, but Counterpoint says Apple’s smartwatch market share is down 10 percent year over year in Q3, to 21.8 percent thanks to the delay of the Series 7 watch into Q4. It’s a good bet that Apple’s market share will go back up with the release … Continue reading Wear OS now in striking distance of Apple

Cosmo Communicator review

I do love a keyboard on a smartphone, and love to try out any smartphone that has one. However, touchscreen typing keeps getting better, and even Blackberry’s attempts to re-enter the market have been thwarted. This phone cum laptop does it differently. The keyboard offers big chunky keys with more travel than you’d experience on … Continue reading Cosmo Communicator review

Sony launches the Xperia PRO-I

The new smartphone, which can of course be used by ordinary consumers as well, is aimed at a very specific market that may well find this an essential part of their kit for outdoor photography and video recording. With its amazing camera setup, optional productive accessories, and Sony’s advanced image processing – as well as … Continue reading Sony launches the Xperia PRO-I

iPad mini + iPhone 13 Pro > Galaxy Fold

The above is an excellent overview of the new iPad mini and it covered what the benefits are in the real world. When Michael talked about the Galaxy Fold and the potential of 2 Apple devices fulfilling what it does this made a lot of sense to me. iPhone 13 Pro (£1,049) + iPad mini … Continue reading iPad mini + iPhone 13 Pro > Galaxy Fold

Samsung ditches iOS support for the Galaxy Watch

Most smartwatches compatible with Android smartphones usually offer support for Apple’s iOS platform too, but that tune might be changing. With its Galaxy Watch 4 series, Samsung has quietly dropped support for iOS. If you dive into the specs of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 on the company’s website, you’ll see the compatibility list has been … Continue reading Samsung ditches iOS support for the Galaxy Watch

The Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Today we’re getting our first look at the fruits of Samsung’s smartwatch collaboration with Google: the new Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. It’s a big deal in wearables, because after years of trying to go it alone with its own Tizen platform on smartwatches, Samsung is finally biting the bullet and collaborating … Continue reading The Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Is it time for Apple to ditch the lightning cable?

The PolyCharge is an interesting product and one that appears to offer many advantages. It is on Indiegogo so you will have to gauge the risks, but this kind of product is starting to make more sense every day. Marques published this video recently and got me thinking about the lightning cable that is becoming … Continue reading Is it time for Apple to ditch the lightning cable?

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