The Google Pixel Watch (Fitbit is dead)

The Google Pixel Watch may not be for me (not for iPhone users for a start), but it has some key advantages that even Apple cannot match. For a start this type of product will go a long way to killing off Fitbit branded devices because it includes the Fitbit sensors and you even have to use the Fitbit app to check your progress. £339 for the Pixel Watch and £269 for the Sense 2 is not a big enough gap to make the extra features on the Pixel seem expensive.

Also, the design is sublime. Genuinely well thought out. I get that many won’t like the overly subtle look and the fact that it may become invisible on the wrist, but that is the point. The more a smartwatch can wear like a small traditional watch the better it will be when worn all day.

I suspect that the Pixel Watch may be not brilliant to use given the previous issues with Wear OS, but in terms of hardware design it knocks the Apple Watch for six.

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