Widgets Swidgets

I have spent some time recently playing with WID:GET, an app that is currently in beta and which, in my opinion takes the idea of iOS widgets to a whole new level. It is highly customisable and if you have… Read More ›

Apple event / 10

HomePod Mini : 7/10 1 point taken off because of Siri. iPhone 12 : 8/10 I love that Apple continues to double-down on performance, durability and the background specs that are only noticed indirectly when in use, but am surprised… Read More ›

iOS 14 widgets

Widgets are ‘the’ big thing in iOS at the moment, but finding decents ones is a case or scouring around and seeing what works for you. Sadly, I have no miracle cure for the widget hunting, but hopefully the following… Read More ›

My “Minimal” iPhone Setup

There’s no absolute right or wrong with these choices, each way of management has its advantages and costs. However, most of them rest their hope on “the problem may disappear naturally over time”, and end up avoiding the problem instead… Read More ›

Six Figures in 6 days

Then, MKBHD happened. He shared a video about all of this—using my icons for his setup, and linked them in the description. The next thing I knew, I was making $28 what felt like every 28 seconds. My phone turned… Read More ›

Alice Camera

Alice Camera™ is an AI-accelerated computational camera being built in Britain from the ground up for content creators. An interchangeable lens camera with a dedicated AI-chip that elevates machine learning and pushes the boundaries of what a camera can do…. Read More ›