Create your own custom widgets with just a few taps!In Widgeridoo you combine different blocks into widgets for your mac.There’s a block for almost everything: Calendar events Birthdays Text and Images Date and countdown Health data like steps or distance… Read More ›

Timedash Widge‪t

Timedash combines your most vital daily information in one nifty widget: time, date, weather & a daily step counter, all available in one clear overview on your home screen. Choose from up to 30 different function & color combinations, ranging… Read More ›

Shortcuts Catalog

This is a public resource to help people get started with Siri Shortcuts and the Shortcuts app. It’s made up of three main sections below: the Shortcuts Library, a collection of 25 starter shortcuts full of menus with hundreds of… Read More ›


I have written countless tutorials for iOS and macOS devices over the past decade and, somehow, I had never seen this. How is that possible?


A minimal and modern calendar app with an exceptional design. A digital version of your bullet journal where you can organize events, tasks and notes. Features enjoy an elegant and eye-pleasing design plan appointments and set up a stylish agenda… Read More ›