In an ever increasingly divided world, our job isn’t to drive people further apart with fear and fiction but bring them together with empathy and evidence

Far too many Journalists sit comfortably trapped in their own bubble of privilege and power, talking to each other and the so-called political class, rather than serving the people they’re meant to inform… More here.

I believe this is needed in the UK at the moment, many (far too many) people would disagree with me.


Newsdrop is about making news quick to read by discarding irrelevant bits of information. Basic information can even be read straight off the news feed.

Tapping on summaries expands them into optimized articles. These articles are deliberately structured to efficiently provide key information with minimal time and effort.

News is regularly curated from trusted sources, based on global impact and relevance. Unlike other curators that deliver on a daily basis, Newsdrop provides more frequent coverage, four times a day… More here.

I am going to give this a try and will add more in a few days. First impressions are very good.

Morning Brew

This morning, over 2 million people started their day with the latest news from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. Check out the latest issue below, and don’t forget to subscribe… More here.

This has proved to be an excellent daily read and is free to subscribe to.

Tortoise: slow journalism

We’ve worked on plenty of projects with codenames. We’ve been in enough meetings behind closed doors. We think we’ll do better work by opening up.
We think everyone should have a seat at the table.
We’d like you to become a member of our newsroom.
We’re interested in getting the best stories – or the best angles on them.
We want to be systematic.
We’re committed to organised listening.
We’ll go out of our way to hear from other people… More here.

A commendable idea, but one that some may believe to be too expensive and with a whiff of high brow about it. I am still curious to try it though. Check out this article as an example.

The Seiko SNE545P1

Advertise your unrivaled sophistication with this elegant timepiece for Gents from Seiko. An ingenious solar powered movement follows years of expert watchmaking and design. A black dial houses the impeccably designed mechanism under this gorgeous timepiece. The watch features: Central 60 second hand, Date complications, giving you practical functions. With a 650 ft (200 meter) water resistance, you can rest easy knowing this timepiece will last… More here.

If you want a second watch that can be picked up at any time for harder than normal activities and one which is a little different, this could be a good option.

A Retro-Inspired Stopwatch

Boasting vibrant prime colors of red and yellow, the stopwatch comes with a thick structure that playfully mimics that of vintage models — the overall shape of the piece is fashioned after G-SHOCK’s classic HS-70W-1JH. The piece comes with red buttons, a yellow body and a colorless digi-screen that’s framed by a sleek gray overlay — a black neck strap is placed at the bottom. Functional features include stopwatch time tracking for 1/1000 seconds, for up to 10 hours (normal and lap/split measurements), a 12/24-hour display switching, an automatic calendar and a battery life of five years… More here.

Design-wise I love and hate that at the same time. Strange…


The first in a new series of watches celebrating Oris’s roots in the Swiss village of Hölstein is an all-bronze version of the Divers Sixty-Five Chronograph. The watch’s warm tone is matched by the smiling Oris Bear on the case back. It is limited to 250 pieces and available through the Oris e-Shop where applicable, or authorised Oris retailers… More here.

I really like this watch, but the price is a bit steep for what it is.

New Grand Seiko GMTs

This timepiece achieves unparalleled functionality as the rotating 24-hour bezel—simultaneously displays three different time zones. The design has a profound presence, while still maintaining the traditional shine of a classic Grand Seiko model. Combined with a tough exterior, water resistant down to 20 bar and highly resistant to shocks, this timepiece has been perfected as the ideal luxurious sports watch for those active on the global stage. The high-quality sapphire glass on the surface of the ring provides a strong sense of transparency, breadth and depth. The vintage green dial and black/white bezel made of sapphire crystal gives the appearance of a vintage watch… More here.

Couple of thoughts. These new models don’t look very Grand Seiko and they are big. Not sure the brand is reading the room at the moment.


Bob’s Watches is proud to present our new monthly auctions! The Fresh Finds auctions will showcase rare vintage watches that we have just acquired. Most of these watches have never been seen before and are fresh to the market! And all are original watches from their original owners. Please register to follow along every month… More here.

This is a serious collection of vintage Rolex watches. Some of these are stunning!

Louis Vuitton casts doubt over $16bn Tiffany takeover

The world’s biggest luxury goods firm, LVMH, has cast doubt over its planned $16bn (£12.5bn) takeover of US-based jeweller Tiffany.

LVMH agreed to acquire Tiffany last November, but coronavirus-induced turmoil on financial markets has overshadowed the deal.

After days of speculation, LVMH said on Thursday that it would not buy Tiffany shares on the open market.

It could be a sign that LVMH wants to renegotiate a cheaper price… More here.

Can understand this. It’s a huge amount of money and likely a decent proportion of the asking price is now in doubt.