2021 < 2022

Happy New Year. If there is one phrase I have heard often in recent weeks it is that ‘2022 can only be better’. Personally, I hope that is the case, but we should not discount the fact that it could… Read More ›

Dropping back

I’m going to drop back on the amount posted on McGST for a short period while I deal with a health issue. My old balance problems have returned in full force to the point that I am dizzy throughout most… Read More ›

The McGST Playlist

This playlist is only available in Apple Music currently and will be updated over time. If you want to try something different you can listen here.

Hosting and comments

If you wish to comment on any post on McGST you can do so on Twitter via @stmcgill. All of the posts are automatically linked there as soon as they are published. This makes it much easier to manage and… Read More ›

Quick update

If you have this site bookmarked please use instead of from now. The domain will expire in a few days and so the original WordPress URL will need to be used. The hosting will expire at the start… Read More ›


On 31st January 2002 I uploaded my first web post and I don’t even want to think about how many I have written since that time. I suspect it is more than 15,000, and likely much higher, but in that… Read More ›


I have no idea why PDA-247 is still live because I am not paying for any hosting, but it looks as though someone is sitting on the domain name and using my content. Still, it’s interesting to look back to… Read More ›