Hosting and comments

If you wish to comment on any post on McGST you can do so on Twitter via @stmcgill. All of the posts are automatically linked there as soon as they are published. This makes it much easier to manage and… Read More ›

Quick update

If you have this site bookmarked please use instead of from now. The domain will expire in a few days and so the original WordPress URL will need to be used. The hosting will expire at the start… Read More ›


On 31st January 2002 I uploaded my first web post and I don’t even want to think about how many I have written since that time. I suspect it is more than 15,000, and likely much higher, but in that… Read More ›


I have no idea why PDA-247 is still live because I am not paying for any hosting, but it looks as though someone is sitting on the domain name and using my content. Still, it’s interesting to look back to… Read More ›

Happy Christmas

Have a good Christmas everyone. I realise that for many of us, most of us in fact, it will be difficult o have a normal Christmas, but if you get to spend time with those you love it is still… Read More ›

Spammy emails. Sorry!

If you have received any spam emails from McGST I do apologise. I set up a contact form via a plug-in and the spammers jumped straight on it. It has now been disabled. Sorry!

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