On 31st January 2002 I uploaded my first web post and I don’t even want to think about how many I have written since that time. I suspect it is more than 15,000, and likely much higher, but in that… Read More ›


I have no idea why PDA-247 is still live because I am not paying for any hosting, but it looks as though someone is sitting on the domain name and using my content. Still, it’s interesting to look back to… Read More ›

Happy Christmas

Have a good Christmas everyone. I realise that for many of us, most of us in fact, it will be difficult o have a normal Christmas, but if you get to spend time with those you love it is still… Read More ›

Spammy emails. Sorry!

If you have received any spam emails from McGST I do apologise. I set up a contact form via a plug-in and the spammers jumped straight on it. It has now been disabled. Sorry!

Buy Me A Coffee(?)

You see that little orange button? It’s just there in case you wish to buy me a coffee if you visit and enjoy the content every day. Those of you who comment and contribute in other ways owe me nothing!:)


Grown up views on the world around us. This blog will tackle some sensitive subjects in a thoughtful way- if you can’t handle it, don’t visit… More here. I found an old blog of mine the other day, most articles… Read More ›


No one cares much about blogs anymore. That is a fact in a time when YouTube, TikTok and Instagram gain all of the attention. Blogs, in particular ones run by individuals are mere curiosities in an online world dominated by… Read More ›

Let’s talk

So, I posted the below video on LIM and below that is an example of the kind of discussion you get on the LIM WhatsApp group. You can find out how to join by clicking the link above the main… Read More ›