McGST Winter 2021 Survey Results

What mobile platform do you use?

iOS 73.3%

Android 26.7%

Other 0%

Not a surprise to me to be honest. The tech content here is heavily skewed towards Apple products and I must admit that I am losing Android knowledge more every year.

What desktop platform do you use?

iOS 73.3%

Windows 26.7%

Linux 0%

Other 0%

Crazy that the numbers are identical, but in some ways logical. Considering the relatively high number of respondents I would have expected some variance, but it would appear that people split completely and stick to one side of the other.

Do you still wear a mask?

Yes, in shops and crowded public places 93.3%

Yes, but not always 0%

Not often, only when I am asked 6.7%

Never 0%

How would you define your political bias?

Left wing 46.7%

Right wing 6.5%

Centre 46.9%

Loony left 0%

Far right 0%

I am too daft to have one… 0%

Not surprising, but 6.5% of you must hate me…

What do you wear on your wrist?

Nothing 19.8%

A smartwatch 46.7%

A fitness tracker 6.9%

A quartz watch 0%

A mechanical watch 20.2%

Both wrists: a watch and a fitness
tracker / smartwatch 6.5%

No one wears a quartz watch? Almost half of you wear smartwatches? Wow!

Tick all that apply

The pandemic has made me feel less optimistic about the future 46.7%

The pandemic has made me treasure my family and friends more 60%

The pandemic has made me reassess my career choices 33.5%

I would now prefer to work from home forever more 33.1%

I want to be back in the office / workplace 6.9%

I would like the hybrid option of a mixture of home and workplace working 40%

Products and objects seem less important to me after the pandemic 26.7%

You are less trusting of your government because of how they handled the pandemic? 73.3%

Under 7% want to be back in the workplace and more than 70% of you trust your government less. Two striking numbers.

How often do you read books?

Every day for more than an hour 13.4%

Every day for less than an hour 33.3%

Two or three times a week 13.2%

Once a week 13.6%

Rarely 26.7%

Never 13%

Probably the most expected set of numbers in the survey.

What do you read books on?

Traditional paper books 6.8%

An e-ink eReader 53.3%

A tablet 33.3%

A laptop or desktop 0%

Audiobooks 6.7%

Dominated by tablets and e-ink with e-ink garnering more than half of the share. I am surprised that so many use a tablet above a dedicated reader, but that’s just me.

Has McGST improved over the past year?

Yes 73.3%

No 26.7%

Same as ever 0%

I think you are just being polite on this one:)

Do you listen to the McGST podcast?

Yes 33.5%

No 39.8%

Rarely 26.7%

I must try harder...

What is the most likely to be your next tech purchase?

Smartphone 20%

Smartwatch 20%

Tablet 13.3%

Laptop 26.7%

Desktop 13.3%

Fitness Tracker 6.7%

Very even, much more so than I expected. I would have expected phones and smartwatches to be way ahead.


Always insightful with a small bit of thoughts & comment

I’m glad you’re not shutting down as you thought you would. You’re doing a good job with it now – no additions I can see now.

Really enjoy the content on the site, mixture of interesting articles from elsewhere and your own opinions. Also enjoying the podcast.

I read books on a Kindle & paper equally. Why assume only one?

Keep up the good work Shaun. Been enjoying your sites since winmob/ipaq days

Thanks to those of you who responded, I do appreciate the feedback. If there is one thing I want to improve in terms of audio quality, guests and general entertainment value it is the podcast. When I get more time I shall make efforts to do so.

1 thought on “McGST Winter 2021 Survey Results

  1. Regarding reading books, I expect that the number using tablets is because we use a tablet for everything rather than having another device, regardless of whether the reading quality is better.

    Regarding podcasts, it’s definitely not the quality or interest, but I can’t listen and do anything else, even something relatively mindless. Similarly, I don’t listen to music while doing anything else. I’m sure there are others like me.

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