Heaven Can Wait

The epic was developed from composer Jim Steinman’s rock musical called Neverland (based on Peter Pan) and produced by Todd Rundgren. In 1972 Steinman had Bette Midler sing the 1972 demo for “Heaven Can Wait,” but it found a home… Read More ›

iOS Music Player Showcase

There’s new and exciting developments every year in the realm of iOS third-party music players, and 2021 was no exception. While 2019 enjoyed an explosion of new players like Power Player and Albums that through time came to lead the… Read More ›

Nefarico™ Chalet

When The Hussalonia Founder learned that he was indefinitely assigned to be the house entertainment at Nefarico™ Chalet, needless to say, he was not pleased. Remotely located just outside the Swiss Alps, in a heavily-wooded area where few tourists dare… Read More ›


THE+RECORD PLAYER is the first high fidelity integrated turntable system featuring a built-in, high-performance stereo music system with high quality phono components and advanced listening features. Made to please the discerning listener, it can be enjoyed by any music lover… Read More ›

The COSMO E-Guitar

Cosmos core feature is its freely movable and easily exchangeable pickup system. Sounds complex, but it’s wonderfully simple: The magnetic pickups stay on the sheet metal surface by themselves. Find almost infinite sound colors by moving the pickups! Without making… Read More ›


German puppets burned the JewsJewish puppets did not choosePuppet vultures eat the deadPuppet corpses they are fedPuppet winds and puppet wavesPuppet sailors in their gravesPuppet flower, puppet stemPuppet time dismantles themPuppet me and puppet youPuppet GermanPuppet Jew Just released as… Read More ›