Cosplay and watch wearing

Cosplay and its sibling, LARPing, are byproducts of the universalization of otaku communities, which are groups of people brought together by an unhealthy obsession with people and places that never existed. Otaku is a Japanese term that started out referring… Read More ›

The Ikepod Seapod

When it comes to intriguing, original designs within the watch industry, Ikepod as a concept is hard to ignore. The pebble-shaped watches have received somewhat of a cult-like status and are considered emblematic designs. But, the company hasn’t had the… Read More ›


The exclusively bespoke Label Noir studio unveils the Time Fast D8, part of a limited edition and its first design of the exceptional table clock designer, L’Epée 1839… More here. It’s certainly clever and it’s certainly beautiful. It’s also 31,500… Read More ›

The Bulgari Aluminium GMT

As the name suggests, the Bulgari Aluminium GMT features a GMT reference time indicator. While keeping the iconic details such as the aluminum case, Bulgari added a modern and practical home-time and local-time display feature to the model… More here…. Read More ›

The Titanic’s Final Hours

In the hierarchy of the ship’s crew, the mail clerks were somewhere in the middle. Initially, they were housed in third-class quarters, and expected to take their meals with that group, but after some protest they were moved, and given… Read More ›