Fortnite removed

Epic’s Fornite has been removed from the App Store after they implemented direct payments, circumventing Apple’s 30% cut. Tweeted here. This is quickly getting away from Apple. There are some titles that are arguably too big to lose, this is… Read More ›

‘Bullying’ Apple…

When Natalie Monson started her food blog 11 years ago, she didn’t expect to end up embroiled in a fight with the world’s most valuable company. But the US small business owner is now battling Apple for the right to… Read More ›

Five lives saved

While there, they conducted strep throat and flu tests. Both came back negative, but her heart rate was so high that they decided to monitor her further. “It wasn’t until I heard the doctors mention ICU that I realized how… Read More ›

Apple Watch Series 6: blood oxygen

Most healthy adults will have blood oxygen level above 95%. Blood oxygen levels below a certain threshold are leading indicators of respiratory problems, and can impair heart and brain function. Similar to the Apple Watch’s existing low heart rate notifications… Read More ›

Well Done

Just had my first experience of coming home from a quick trip and receiving a notification on my Apple Watch to wash my hands. As I start the countdown from 20 seconds begins and I finished with a ‘Well Done’… Read More ›

Apple everything

I have found myself using Apple for literally everything tech these days. One thing led to another, to another, and so on to the point that I only just realised what happened. iOS 14 beta offers basic widgets which cannot… Read More ›

One week a year…

For at least one week a year the Apple Watch gets some time to see what the real world is like. It was probably shocked when it realised what had changed in the world recently after being charged, but I… Read More ›