The “endless diversity” of America

British photographer Daniel Freeman travelled more than 25,000 miles (40,000km) across the US to capture scenes of small towns lit only by streetlights, shop fronts and moonlight… More here. Some stunning photos included in the article.

Bonfire Diving in Anilao

4K Bonfire diving in Anilao, Philippines with the Sony A7SIII, shooting 4K, either 60fps or 120fps, all SLOG3, ISO12,800. We place lights on a downline from a buoy at approx 5m depth near the reef with max depth of only… Read More ›

Is Leica the Rolex of cameras?

There are certain brands that seem to develop a cult following in their respective fields. Whether it’s the result of the quality that they embody, their historical pedigree, the allure which surrounds them or simply hype, it’s sometimes difficult to… Read More ›