Long Live the Photographer

His is an exceptional story. One of learning the art, science, and craft of photography back in the days when there were no digital cameras, no in-built light meters, and no way of knowing if you got a good, in focus, correctly exposed photo, until you took the film and developed it (yourself) in the […]

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DSLR Your iPhone

Turn your iPhone into a professional compact camera with DSLR-like controls. Whether you’re shooting street, portrait, or travel: Never miss the perfect shot again… More here. It’s a decent design and I like the fact that an app is included, but the pre-order bit is always a concern and the price is ‘very’ high.

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First Photos of Venus’ Surface

NASA reports that in two recent flybys by the Parker Solar Probe, it was able to use its Wide-Field Imager, otherwise known as WISPR, to photograph the entire night side of Venus in wavelengths ranging from the visible spectrum through infrared. The photos and videos reveal what NASA describes as a “faint glow” from the […]

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‘Miracle’ Fog

“This photo was taken intentionally,” Inagaki tells PetaPixel. “The moonlight made the Tateyama Mountain range look beautiful. In addition, there was fog in the city, so I moved to a high place overlooking it and took this picture… More here. That is incredible, just incredible. Cheered me up as I looked out upon a grey […]

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The last Canon DSLR

The writing has obviously been on the wall for a long time, but a Canon executive has confirmed that the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III will be Canon’s last DSLR. This information falls in line with 2022 potentially being the year of the Camera body as Canon modernizes its lineup. I also believe the EOS […]

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