Why you hate you in photos

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I reckon 95% of people I talk to tell me they hate having their picture taken or that they take a terrible picture. In fact, many almost apologise that I’m going to have to take pictures of them because they ‘just don’t photograph well’. More here.

I know no-one who likes their own photos and in some ways it’s good to know there are reasons for it.

Video of people trying to avoid drowning will now not be sold for profit

After significant backlash, the Associated Press pulled plans to offer a video of a boat overcrowded with migrants as an NFT. The situation has called into question the ethics of selling photojournalism at all… More here.

This was an unbelievably tone deaf idea. Even if you don’t consider NFTs to be silly, the subject matter is not something that could reasonably be considered profitable. How on earth did this get through without anyone in the chain raising objections?

Long Live the Photographer

His is an exceptional story. One of learning the art, science, and craft of photography back in the days when there were no digital cameras, no in-built light meters, and no way of knowing if you got a good, in focus, correctly exposed photo, until you took the film and developed it (yourself) in the darkroom. You needed to carry a notebook around, in those days, in which you recorded the aperture, shutter duration, and description of each image, so you could, later, go back and analyze what you did wrong, or right… More here.

A brilliant(!) article which may make you look at photography in a different way.

DSLR Your iPhone

Turn your iPhone into a professional compact camera with DSLR-like controls. Whether you’re shooting street, portrait, or travel: Never miss the perfect shot again… More here.

It’s a decent design and I like the fact that an app is included, but the pre-order bit is always a concern and the price is ‘very’ high.

We live on the small white dot to the left of centre

Maximise the photo, take your time and you will eventually find the ‘massive’ planet that we live on. Nice to understand our minimal importance in the grand scheme of things on occasion.

First Photos of Venus’ Surface

NASA reports that in two recent flybys by the Parker Solar Probe, it was able to use its Wide-Field Imager, otherwise known as WISPR, to photograph the entire night side of Venus in wavelengths ranging from the visible spectrum through infrared. The photos and videos reveal what NASA describes as a “faint glow” from the surface and also shows distinctive features like continental regions, plains, and plateaus on the surface… More here.

We will look back and laugh one day at how little we knew in 2022, which is of course a good thing.

‘Miracle’ Fog

“This photo was taken intentionally,” Inagaki tells PetaPixel. “The moonlight made the Tateyama Mountain range look beautiful. In addition, there was fog in the city, so I moved to a high place overlooking it and took this picture… More here.

That is incredible, just incredible. Cheered me up as I looked out upon a grey foggy morning in the UK.

The iPhone has the photographic capability, just need the talent

We asked listeners to our new iPhone Photo Show podcast to submit their best work to us for our initial January photo contest, and the results are just spectacular. What’s possible with just an iPhone camera? The old limits no longer need apply… More here.

I often see photos taken on iPhone and struggle to believe that they did not come from DSLRs. And then I remember that I have no photographic talent at all…

The last Canon DSLR

The writing has obviously been on the wall for a long time, but a Canon executive has confirmed that the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III will be Canon’s last DSLR.

This information falls in line with 2022 potentially being the year of the Camera body as Canon modernizes its lineup. I also believe the EOS M lineup will suffer the same fate as Canon moves to one mount for all… More here.

All good things…