People usually shoot with smartphones

To survive, Mitarai says Canon, which produced pioneering autofocus gear popular with professional photographers, will shift its focus to corporate customers in fields like surveillance and medical care. “People usually shoot with smartphones,” Mitarai said in an interview with Nikkei…. Read More ›

The same red cabin

It was in August 2013 that I by accident stumbled upon the red cabin and its surrounding lake. I assume the location has been photographed before my first attempts at capturing its inherent beauty and charm… More here. Same place,… Read More ›

Tangled Mossy Trees

Wistman’s Wood in Dartmoor, Devon, England, has been the backdrop of countless folktales and myths involving the spiritual and supernatural. For his ongoing project titled Mystical, British photographer Neil Burnell has been visiting the forest and capturing the foggy, misty,… Read More ›

Film photos

Fast forward a decade and a half, to an era when film is as nearly extinct as the planet we photograph it with, and I open that box to find twelve rolls of Ilford HP5 black and white negative film:… Read More ›

A 195 gigapixel photo

At the initial stage of creation, the Big Pixel Team decided to accept new challenges of taking photos with hundreds of billions of pixels by breaking the past limit of tens of billions of pixels. However, it’s extremely difficult. The… Read More ›

Neon dreamland

Liam Wong is a photographer and art director whose incredible sci-fi-style images of Tokyo at night have won him legions of fans on social media. Here we present some of his most striking shots, and find out how his day… Read More ›

Earth’s Wonders

Once a matter of debate, we know today the Earth is not flat. But the satellite imagery we’re most familiar with — taken straight down––flattens and obscures the visual cues we get from perspective, making the imagery appear like maps, not photos…. Read More ›

This is where we are

Sometimes I capture a photo and it makes me realise just how far we have come in mobile photography. I am a terrible photographer, but every now and then the iPhone does the work for me.