Is Leica the Rolex of cameras?

There are certain brands that seem to develop a cult following in their respective fields. Whether it’s the result of the quality that they embody, their historical pedigree, the allure which surrounds them or simply hype, it’s sometimes difficult to… Read More ›

One final present

Final Christmas present to highlight was this toy given to Murray. He has not left it alone since and has become very attached to his own Father Christmas doggy. The picture highlighted just how good the iPhone 11 pro camera… Read More ›


Remarkable photos, beautiful locations and a knack for creating a huge amount of atmosphere. You can follow ascotography here.

Top 10 Photos of 2020

Shutterstock Editorial has just revealed the photographs that documented the historical moments that dominated 2020, a very different year from any other. The year started normally with red-carpet shows like Oscars and then veered off dramatically to pandemic and protests… Read More ›