The first iPhone camera that feels like a real camera

Over the past few years I have seen gradual improvements to the iPhone camera with some objects way out of reach, fireworks and the moon come to mind.

The macro feature in the iPhone 13 Pro, however, has changed things somewhat alongside what appears to be a generally much improved photography setup.

There is still a sense of ‘digital’ to the images, especially so the macro efforts, but it feels closer to a DSLR than it ever has.

I am no photographer and have no real idea what makes a good photo, or how to take a good one for that fact, but I am liking what I see and I have been more than impressed by what I have captured so far.

It feels to me as if phone cameras are getter better at a quicker rate than DSLR and standalone cameras are improving, and as such the latter are struggling to be profitable to a greater degree every year.

For video capture the iPhone 13 is easily more than enough for my needs and for stills it is enough. I suspect that some will still need a ‘proper’ camera, but that this group of people is shrinking all of the time.

Well done Apple, the iPhone 13 Pro camera is superb and you have made it highly unlikely that I will never own a standalone camera ever again…

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  1. It’s a very valid point.
    As a keen (but not necessarily good) photographer, I take thousands of photos. I use variously a DSLR, a Bridge camera, a small compact travel camera and my iPhone. All but the DSLR are at least 3 years old, the compact much older still. I have been tempted to replace the compact with a one inch sensor model (like a Sony RX100 or Panasonic TZ100/200, but frankly, apart from the longer zoom available on these cameras, the picture quality from the iPhone, for what I do with/need from my photos (mostly online viewing on mobile devices), is normally quite sufficient. So the better option to be honest is to upgrade my iPhone XR which although takes decent photos, is now 3 models and incremental camera updates adrift of the iPhone 13.
    Added benefit is I ALWAYS have my phone with me so I wouldn’t need to lug around a compact as well. Small as it is, it’s another thing to carry when I’m out and about.
    Hmmm 🤔

    • I think the last point is the big one. Is it better to capture 20 memories of decent quality or 2 or 3 brilliant photos? Each have their place, but it feels like the iPhone and other phones are winning.

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