The Ciclotte Bike

Ciclotte Bike is the result of an aesthetic research inspired by ergonomics and essentiality and realized by using high-tech materials like carbon fibres, glass fibres and steel. The iconic circular shape and the use of carbon express the bike’s strong… Read More ›

A wearable air conditioner

The Saiga wearable changes our perception of the temperature in two ways. First, it provides cooling by conduction onto specific locations on the neck. Second, it allows the wearer to breathe cold air when they need a boost of relief… Read More ›

OCD Is Not a Joke

Thirty-six years later, my checking behaviour continues—only it’s no longer brat pack centrefolds that consume me. Checking is a common OCD ritual, right up there with counting, tapping, cleaning, and handwashing. It’s also what people often, mistakenly, think all forms… Read More ›

The Health Concerns in Wearable Tech

After dissecting dozens of peer-reviewed studies on cellphone safety, the panel concluded in 2011 that cellphones were “possibly carcinogenic” and that the devices could be as harmful as certain dry-cleaning chemicals and pesticides. (Note that the group hedged its findings… Read More ›

Voices of long Covid

When we get through all of this it will be interesting to see how big of a problem this is. I worry that it could be a very high number of people who are suffering long term effects, not to… Read More ›