Voices of long Covid

When we get through all of this it will be interesting to see how big of a problem this is. I worry that it could be a very high number of people who are suffering long term effects, not to… Read More ›

Zoom fatigue

Researchers say Zoom fatigue comes down to four primary causes: excessive and intense eye contact, constantly watching video of yourself, the limited mobility of being stuck at your desk and more energy spent identifying social cues you’d pick up on… Read More ›

The vaccine may help long Covid sufferers

This is both anecdotal and early, but many long covid survivors are feeling significantly better after receiving their first vaccine dose. Including me. Fascinating. Fascinating stuff. This kind of makes sense to me. Thanks to Kirk who shared the tweet.

How ridiculous can you get?

How ridiculous can you get? My main Twitter account @Sapere_vivere has been locked for this… More here. I don’t see this as ridiculous. Can we really expect algorithms to understand sarcasm at this point? Then again, it does limit the… Read More ›