God said his congregation should buy him a luxury watch

“Rev. Carlton Funderburke condemned his congregation not because they had sinned too much, loved God too little or done too few good deeds out in the world. Instead, Funderburke rebuked the ‘cheap sons and daughters’ of the Church at the Well in Kansas City for not ‘honouring’ him with a luxury gift.” More here.

What a piece of work he is and more fool those who sit there listing to his BS.

On a related note, I really want the new Horage Supersede which is only 5,500 Swiss Francs, and NOT ONE OF YOU has bought it for me! God says you should, he really does…

What has the ECHR ever done for us?

The above should add some clarity to the below about which many (who do not understand) are getting upset-

Boris Johnson’s plan to send an inaugural flight of asylum seekers to Rwanda has been abandoned after a dramatic 11th-hour ruling by the European court of human rights.

Up to seven people who had come to the UK seeking refuge had been expected to be removed to the east African country an hour and a half before the flight was due to take off.

But a ruling by the ECHR on one of the seven cases allowed lawyers for the other six to make successful last-minute applications… More here.

Testing the Fitbit Charge 5: not the best of starts

I have been testing the Fitbit Charge 5 and after 1 day I am already struggling. My experience with Fitbit has note historically been one where I have a lot of faith in the hardware, but this is a strange start. See above and you will see the battery at 68% in the Fitbit app and this was after only 12 hours. That is disappointing for a device with a 7 day battery life claim.

Not to worry though because the Fitbit Charge itself is quoting 97% battery remaining. What is going on there? 12 hours later the app is still stating 68% with the Fitbit now at 93%- I’m confused .

The Karen that breeds minion karens

My grandparents immigrated to Canada from Italy in the 70s and opened up a restaurant. When they past away the restaurant went to my parents, over the decades they grew and expanded it. I have been working at the restaurant since I was 15. Over time my parents got older and eventually retired becoming snow birds(go to Florida for the winters ). They left the restaurant to me about a few years ago but still retaining a small % ownership as a additional revenue stream along with there savings and annuities… More here.

Great story.

Millennials vs Boomers vs Covid

The above is so much my experience. The absolute certainty that they know best while the younger generation appears to hold all of the compassion and sensibilities.