Tech Support People Are Sharing The Worst Cases They’ve Seen

Where tech support heroes, aka employees, are there for their desperate clients, tackling the worst and the best fails. Where computers fail us, processors die, monitors crash, but yet we still find the light at the end of the tunnel. Because tomorrow is a new day at remote work. And unless you’re tuning in on your baked laptop, you may as well count yourself as unemployed… More here.

Some of these cannot possibly be true, but alas they probably are…

Sean Lock

The funniest man I have ever seen. His humour could be childish to the point of silliness, dark to the point of making you feel uncomfortable, but he was always hilarious in a way that few other comedians could match, if any.

Just a brilliantly funny and likeable man, and it hit me hard today when I heard that he had died at the tender age of 58. Thanks for the laughs Sean, you genuinely were the best.

And he will forever be the undefeated Carrot In A Box champion…

Wacky Moments from Olympic Games Past

Subsequent marathons didn’t go off quite as smoothly. In the 1904 Olympic Games in St. Louis, Missouri, Cuban runner Félix Carvajal saved up enough money to travel to the Games. But on a layover in New Orleans, he gambled away the rest of his savings and had to hitchhike to St. Louis. He showed up for the race wearing dress shoes and long pants. A fellow competitor cut the legs off Carvajal’s trousers. He finished fourth overall… More here.

Hard to criticise Tokyo after reading some of these.

Guy Who “Can’t Draw” is Actually a Genius

“Rubbish Pet Portraits” isn’t a promising name for a picture book. But the UK-based guy behind them is obviously more of an artist than he lets on. Hercule van Wolfwinkle (God I hope that’s his real name!) writes that last year he was making some “thank you” cards with his six-year-old son. “I just doodled a couple of pictures of our dog [on them]–they were really rubbish, I’m not an artist and have never really drawn in my life.” More here.

That made me laugh.