McGST Podcast Episode 91 (living in bubbles, taking in refugees, Apple, dogs and YouTube)

Joanne and I discuss our ignorance of other people’s lives and answer some questions-

Would you take in a refugee? You talk a good left-wing game. Sam

Why do you stick with Apple? The products are so boring and closed-down. Kennie

– Related to this tweet‘Apparently, Russia has now blocked the App Store. This means Russian users won’t be able to install any apps, download VPNs or perform any software and security updates. It also means that Putin’s grip internally is getting tighter and tighter!’

Hope Murray is OK at the moment. Will you get another dog and if so, would you get another Cavalier? I adore mine. Liza

Why don’t you do YouTube? Surely blogs are dead. Kevin

Music by Tom Munch.

Created by McGST.

McGST Podcast Episode 90 (why do so many of us want to change our lives?)

Jo and I discussed our desire to change where we live, the jobs we do and so much more in the latest episode. It seems that we are not alone as the following from The Sunday Times states-

Just when we thought we had the pandemic beaten, it brings a further wave of pain: we are burning out and dropping out en masse. New figures show that midlife Britain is in peril of doing a Reggie Perrin — leaving its work clothes piled on the beach and disappearing.

Official figures last week showed that since the start of the pandemic in 2020, nearly a quarter of a million Britons aged between 50 and 65 have left paid work altogether and are not actively seeking new jobs.

Music by Tom Munch.

Note: not sure I got the audio quality totally right on this one as it was a last minute decision to record it.

McGST Podcast Episode 86 (Should we ban private education etc?)

Tom and I talked for some time about ideas to improve the lives of everyone and how we should be levelling up opportunities. We inevitably discussed moving on from Covid and, at the end, fell back into old ground. It went on for longer than I expected so maybe ignore the last 20 minutes!;)

12 “myths” about education in Finland debunked

End State by James Plunkett

Inside Barnet hospital

Music by Tom Munch