McGST Podcast Episode 83 (mandatory vaccines, Kyle Rittenhouse, immigration and misinformation)

Quite a long chat between myself and Tom on some tricky subjects, all of which are impossible to answer in a way that could ever be described as correct by the majority. To quote George Orwell- “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

The below image was quoted during the podcast in relation to the UK’s immigration pattern over recent years-

Music by Tom Munch.

McGST Podcast Episode 82 (The menopause, the manopause and men’s mental health)

This was quite a long discussion between Joanne and I, but we covered a topic that has been on our minds for some time.

Is women’s mental health talked about more because it is often linked with milestones in their lives?

Is men’s mental health not talked about because men themselves don’t talk about it?

Do men suffer from the manopause when their partners suffer from the menopause?

Music by Tom Munch.

McGST Podcast Episode 75 (Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit Brexit…)

If you are looking for a happy and cheery podcast episode to listen to you may want to avoid this one. We found ourselves falling down a rabbit hole and we struggled to get out of it, but alas everything we discussed is actually happening. Seriously, DON’T LISTEN!

Would you vaccinate your child?

A third wave is incoming because of so many completely avoidable problems.

Music by Tom Munch.