Turning away children

In one case, a crisis CAMHS team in Wales would not immediately assess the mental health of an actively suicidal child who had been stopped from jumping off a building earlier the same day unless the GP made a written referral. In another, a CAMHS service in eastern England declined to take on a 12-year-old […]

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How are they still in power?

But could Sunak have done more? Those on Universal Credit are losing 9 per cent of their income until benefits are increased in line with inflation later this year, pushing many into poverty. That poverty is, ultimately, a government choice. We could pay to prevent poverty, through higher taxes, more borrowing or a reallocation of […]

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She died

A pregnant woman wounded in the Russian bombing of a Ukrainian maternity hospital has died along with her baby, reports say. Images showed her on a stretcher following the air strike in Mariupol last Wednesday, in which at least three other people were killed. After the place where she was meant to give birth was […]

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💙 💛

The next 24 hours feel more crucial than ever. The resistance of the Ukrainians has been so inspiring and I just hope that they can win in any way they can. They have already won our hearts.

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Putin’s demise

All strongmen build “inner sanctums” to manage day-to-day governance. Composed of flatterers, family members and cronies, all of them chosen for their loyalty rather than their expertise, they shield him from any unpleasant counsel — and share handsomely in the profits from his thievery. This is certainly the case in Russia, a fully realized kleptocracy: […]

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The past week has felt a bit like the above, but in slow motion. The Day Today was groundbreaking in its time and I was literally crying at times- the above was aired in February 1994.

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The lies, falsehoods and misrepresentations of Boris Johnson and his government

Almost immediately after Boris Johnson entered Downing Street in July 2019 it became plain that he was abusing his office to lie and fabricate on a scale far greater than any previous British Prime Minister. It was also evident that most newspapers and broadcasters had no appetite to challenge Johnson’s lies and falsehoods. At best […]

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45 Presidents and their Watches

On this President’s Day, we thought we would pull together as comprehensive a list as we can of US presidential watches. We’re talking all the way from Washington to Trump, from Timexes to a Patek Philippe. Some loved watches and others simply wore them out of necessity. You might be surprised by what some of […]

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