The lies, falsehoods and misrepresentations of Boris Johnson and his government

Almost immediately after Boris Johnson entered Downing Street in July 2019 it became plain that he was abusing his office to lie and fabricate on a scale far greater than any previous British Prime Minister. It was also evident that most newspapers and broadcasters had no appetite to challenge Johnson’s lies and falsehoods. At best they allowed them to pass unchallenged. At worst they were complicit in spreading them… More here.

Such a simple website that has the content made for it every single day by the constant crap that comes out of Johnson’s mouth.

45 Presidents and their Watches

On this President’s Day, we thought we would pull together as comprehensive a list as we can of US presidential watches. We’re talking all the way from Washington to Trump, from Timexes to a Patek Philippe. Some loved watches and others simply wore them out of necessity. You might be surprised by what some of our presidents had sitting in their pockets and on their wrists. We hope you enjoy it… More here.

This article was first published in 2014 and updated in 2017, and you do not need to be into watches to enjoy some of the history- the evolution from pocket watch to digital mirrors the cultural advancements over the decades. All of the Presidents are included apart from the current incumbent, the collector-in-chief.

They know Brexit is unravelling

But a great deal hangs on this. If the prime minister is found to have lied to parliament and to the people, what defence is there to the allegation that the Brexit cause – mired in similar controversy over lies and dissembling – was conducted with the same disregard for the truth? More here.

The only people left defending Brexit are those who can make a lot of money from it or those who put their fingers in their ears and refuse to listen, because they feel stupid.

Tory bots, empty words and lies lies lies

Hard to know what to believe anymore. And for those of you not in the UK, the below video shows the next UK Prime Minister (fingers crossed) being abused by morons who have used what the current Prime Minister said (he lied) in Parliament last week for their own strange and hard to understand motives. Warning: very bad language included.

I can’t think of one Brexit promise that has been kept

I can’t think of one Brexit promise that has been kept. Not one.Slashing taxes? No. Reducing energy bills? No. Taking back control of borders? No. Making a bonfire of EU regulations? No. This Government has broken every big bold Brexit promise.Ever feel like you’ve been cheated? Tweeted here.

It is like a large part of the population has amnesia or is deliberately refusing to accept that they were conned. They know they were conned, they know the people in charge are liars and they refuse to fully acknowledge what happened, and what is happening now.

They are not to blame, the people behind Brexit are, but to this day we seem to be stuck without a big movement pushing to change things, or at the very least make the most of where we are. We are stuck and seemingly heading downwards.

Jordan Peterson: ‘absurd’ and ‘dangerous’

As podcaster Joe Rogan faces condemnation from medical scientists for spreading misinformation about vaccines and Covid-19, another interview by the controversial host this week has become the subject of mockery — this time among climate scientists.

Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson appeared on “The Joe Rogan Experience” on Monday, making false and generalized claims that the modeling scientists use to project climate change and its impacts are flawed… More here.

I’m not sure if Peterson is losing popularity or something, but even before the latest hysteria over his Joe Rogan podcast I have noticed that he has started to offer views that appear designed to gain attention rather than be as rational as he once was.

He got slammed by fellow panellists on a UK politics show recently and he appears to moving in a bizarre direction. Sit him down with Rogan and you just know things are going to go strange.

Apple Reports First Quarter Results- is this good news?

Apple today announced financial results for its fiscal 2022 first quarter ended December 25, 2021. The Company posted an all-time revenue record of $123.9 billion, up 11 percent year over year, and quarterly earnings per diluted share of $2.10… More here.

The numbers are staggering. However, if you read the first chapter of End State you will understand that numbers like these are a march to a potentially very bad place. There comes a point when the biggest corporations become so dominating and powerful that even their home government cannot compete with them.

Spotify to remove Neil Young’s music

Spotify on Wednesday confirmed it will remove Neil Young’s music from its platform, after the singer demanded that the streaming giant take it down in response to vaccine misinformation being spread by Joe Rogan, a popular podcaster on the platform… More here.

The more I consider this, the more my head hurts. So many things enter my thoughts; misinformation, vaccines, freedom of speech, the power of organisation and people, and on and on and on. My head is really hurting…