The TESLA ELECTRO iPhone 13 Pro

The titanium body of the smartphone with black PVD coating echoes the ultra-modern look and innovative message of the exclusive Tesla electric cars. The combination of the distinctive features of the cars produced by Elon Musk’s concern includes a unique form factor, a synthesis of high-quality materials and a futuristic design making the appearance of the Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Tesla Electro an explosive novelty in the world of luxury gadget customization… More here.

Caviar has created some truly awful products in the past, but I kind of like this design. $6,760 is a little over the top sadly.

iOS (Old School) icon set

Retrofy your iPhone with this pixel perfect icon and wallpaper set featuring more than 110 Mac OS ’84 inspired icons.

Each bespoke icon has been lovingly hand crafted using old school techniques – Steve Jobs would be proud! More here.

Nice set. Just need Apple to allow notification badges on custom icons now.

Montblanc High Artistry

The Montblanc Great Wall Of China Pen collection has a note of poignancy for me since it is the last from Kamal, who has been creative director at Montblanc since 2013. He was always a fascinating interviewee and an interesting gentleman of great insight. I think many of the brand’s limited edition pen collections have flourished under his direction, and this, Kamal’s final High Artistry, is a notable tribute to his dynamic vision… More here.

I write with a fountain pen which cost about £10 and I really do like using it. This from Montblanc costs $1,978,500🥺

Eono by Amazon – Case for iPhone 11 Pro thoughts

This case is unique for one very simple reason- you get to choose the colour button covers you want to use and a variety of options are included in the box.

This is obviously a novelty, but for £9.99 the case itself stands up well against the competition. It fits very securely and has a very soft feel despite being made of hard plastic. It is hard to describe, but it does feel exceptionally comfortable.

It also claims to offer an anti-scratch design alongside being dirt resistant, fingerprint free and anti-fouling (whatever that is?). The camera is protected well and it appears to protect all of the most fragile areas.

Installing the button covers is a bit of a hit or miss affair and while I had no problem with the volume buttons it took ten attempts, yes ten, to get the power button cover right.

Truth be told, without the coloured button covers this would be a worthy choice for under £10, but the coloured covers add a sweet element of fun which is an added bonus. I am impressed.

Note: this case was purchased with donated funds through Buy Me A Coffee (the little orange coffee cup on the home page).

iOS 14 widgets

Widgets are ‘the’ big thing in iOS at the moment, but finding decents ones is a case or scouring around and seeing what works for you.

Sadly, I have no miracle cure for the widget hunting, but hopefully the following links will prove useful-

The iOSWidgets sub-reddit. Loads of ideas in a long listed random fashion.

A decent, if slightly precictable, list from Macworld.

You cannot ignore Marques…

And finally, a decent overview from iReviews-

My “Minimal” iPhone Setup

There’s no absolute right or wrong with these choices, each way of management has its advantages and costs.

However, most of them rest their hope on “the problem may disappear naturally over time”, and end up avoiding the problem instead of facing it.

After running some testing and experimenting, I have discovered some tips and tricks that can help you make a smarter decision on your phone — and even a better-looking interface… More here. Thanks to Kirk.

I have always felt that empty spaces are a waste of space, but the above makes me think again.

Spiderman-inspired wearable sanitiser

The designer wanted to solve the behavioral perception and usage when it came to traditional sanitizer bottles. He wanted to create something that was innovative, ergonomic, easy to carry, and made it hassle-free to sanitize frequently when you go outside. I, for one, do get lazy if I have to constantly remove the bottle from my backpack when I am carrying groceries in my hand and a wearable sanitizer would truly be a blessing. The smartwatch-shaped personal gadget has a refillable container for the sanitizer liquid and will dispense it with a simple press. We can’t wait to see this concept sketched out with more details… More here.

This is not a watch, but I guess it does sit on the wrist. As silly as it sounds it is such an obvious and clever idea.

Mad Paris

MAD Paris was born of the passion for emblematic watches. In a world that is ever more uniform, becoming standardized, MAD seemed obvious, like a breath of audacity and impertinence in the sphere of prestige watch making... More here.

I don’t know what to think of Mad Paris and perhaps I should have no opinion at all. If someone wants to customise their watch, no matter how rare or valuable it is, then that is their choice. However, the GMT Master II above is an example of how not to do it. There you go, I had an opinion after all.