Montblanc High Artistry

The Montblanc Great Wall Of China Pen collection has a note of poignancy for me since it is the last from Kamal, who has been creative director at Montblanc since 2013. He was always a fascinating interviewee and an interesting gentleman of great insight. I think many of the brand’s limited edition pen collections have flourished under his direction, and this, Kamal’s final High Artistry, is a notable tribute to his dynamic vision… More here.

I write with a fountain pen which cost about £10 and I really do like using it. This from Montblanc costs $1,978,500🥺

One thought on “Montblanc High Artistry

  1. I haven’t used a fountain pen in many years although I did have some really nice pens at some point. This one is definitely over the top.

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