Content overload

After spending the past 18 months working from home I have noticed that my digital content consumption has increased dramatically. I haven’t wanted any TV series and only a couple of films, but my podcast listening and news reading has… Read More ›

Project Fear

Boris Johnson has given the go-ahead to ministers to relax UK immigration rules to allow more foreign truck drivers into the country to ease shortages at petrol stations and wider economic disruption. One person close to the situation said the… Read More ›

Who needs folders?

Garland thought it would be an easy fix. She asked each student where they’d saved their project. Could they be on the desktop? Perhaps in the shared drive? But over and over, she was met with confusion. “What are you… Read More ›

The iPhone has a notch?

The new and improved notch is still a notch. A big notch, too, compared to the hole-punch cameras and teardrop cutouts that competitors like Samsung or OnePlus have been offering on their flagship phones. Naturally, we here at The Verge… Read More ›