I miss my grandkids

I miss my grandkids. That once a week visit is a precious memory. And I have to think about going to any store since I’m in that higher-risk category. At least around here in Canada, everyone wears a mask and… Read More ›


It is close to impossible to write an article about 2020 because it feels as if we have been analysing every moment and everything about ourselves for the past few months. We have not been able to avoid the new… Read More ›

Someone spoofed my number

Calls with spoofed numbers can and do come from all over the world and account for a significant and growing proportion of nuisance calls. That’s why Ofcom is working with the international regulators – as well as the telecoms industry… Read More ›

My eye is ‘pixelated’

My daughter said something last night that highlighted the generation gap between us. “My eye is pixelated.” She had a migraine coming and this was how she described it. I think I used to say things like blurred or fuzzy,… Read More ›