He must go

The UK government has done everything right in this pandemic. The problem is that the UK government has done everything late as well. Locking down last March: too late and we allowed massive gatherings to take place. Estimates of up… Read More ›

Be flexible. And stay safe.

Excellent comment from Bob in response to this article– I expect that many people have similar issues to those who are retired. Too much time on their hands, possible financial concerns, loneliness, and a tendency to brood and succumb to… Read More ›

What’s next?

I have written a few times about the way 2020 affected me and over the past few weeks the feeling has become more intense, to the point of it feeling overwhelming at times. I believe that it has come from… Read More ›

Happy Christmas

Have a good Christmas everyone. I realise that for many of us, most of us in fact, it will be difficult o have a normal Christmas, but if you get to spend time with those you love it is still… Read More ›

I miss my grandkids

I miss my grandkids. That once a week visit is a precious memory. And I have to think about going to any store since I’m in that higher-risk category. At least around here in Canada, everyone wears a mask and… Read More ›


It is close to impossible to write an article about 2020 because it feels as if we have been analysing every moment and everything about ourselves for the past few months. We have not been able to avoid the new… Read More ›