Stand in silence

There is so much to consider in this image. The poppies to signify the remembering of our fallen heroes, our head of state masked to signify the tragedy for many that is 2020 and the fact that she stands alone… Read More ›

Widgets Swidgets

I have spent some time recently playing with WID:GET, an app that is currently in beta and which, in my opinion takes the idea of iOS widgets to a whole new level. It is highly customisable and if you have… Read More ›

Should Touch ID come back?

Apple’s new iPad Air relocates Touch ID to a button on the edge of the device. The company’s upcoming iPhone 12 lineup should do something similar, giving users an option between unlocking their iPhone using their face or unlocking it… Read More ›


You helped the club survive in its darkest hour and deserve every success. I now join you as a Bournemouth supporter and will be willing the club on in what I am sure will be a successful future. Bournemouth will… Read More ›

Wear a f*cking mask!

Why would you not wear a mask for a philosophical or political reason? I guess that philosophy does not come into it because anyone who does not wear a mask would not understand what the word means. They would, however,… Read More ›