The iPhone has a notch?

The new and improved notch is still a notch. A big notch, too, compared to the hole-punch cameras and teardrop cutouts that competitors like Samsung or OnePlus have been offering on their flagship phones. Naturally, we here at The Verge have some thoughts on the subject: is the notch worth it in 2021? Or does […]

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Before you die…

Have you given any thought as to what you want to happen to your accounts, files, photos, and the rest of your online life once you’re gone? If the number of calls and requests I am getting for help on my national radio show is any indication, do it now while you’re thinking about it. […]

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Fake Facebook ads for fake products

I saw the above ad on Facebook and was curious because it looked dodgy. When clicked you get taken to the website below- It has been designed exactly like the official Omega website, but the prices are crazily low. These are obviously counterfeit watches, but how can an organisation like Facebook retain any credibility when […]

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Wallets Are Over

If you need someone to predict the future, Spike Feresten is your guy. In the summer of 1997, in the “Seinfeld” writers room, Mr. Feresten boldly told Jerry Seinfeld that wallets were over… More here. You will need Apple News+ or a subscription to read the article, but the title says it all for me […]

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Stuff That Works

Tom sent me the above in response to this and it makes a lot of sense. While it is often the case that we tend to appreciate objects more after they are gone there is nothing better than doing so while we own them. Obviously watches come to mind for me as does my car […]

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Sean Lock

The funniest man I have ever seen. His humour could be childish to the point of silliness, dark to the point of making you feel uncomfortable, but he was always hilarious in a way that few other comedians could match, if any. Just a brilliantly funny and likeable man, and it hit me hard today […]

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