The macOS Big Sur handheld

The design takes me back to the very early days of mobile computing, but with a super modern OS inside it. Some will scoff at this, but the end result is very impressive and while it has little practical use in 2021, sometimes it is just good to make things purely because you can.

An Homage to the Tudor Heritage Black Bay

The Invicta bracelet is similar in style to that of the Black Bay, except that the former has polised centre links, whereas the latter is fully brushed. There’s also yet another “Invicta” logo and emblem that has to go. One could argue that all these markings could stay, as this is after all just an homage, but we watch enthusiasts do not want to be constantly reminded of the company that we love to hate… More at

I tried a Heritage Black Bay on for the first time last week and was surprised to find that I didn’t like it. It felt too big for me and not as subtle as I expected. I love the dial and the bezel, but not the case shape which feels too big from the side.

Homages are controversial in the watch world, but I do like how much effort has gone into this one and how effectively it recreates the original.