D Bridge walk around

Finally completed model of the Star Trek TNG D Bridge with active view screen. My hope was to make a scale model that people would think it was the real set until I panned out. Apologies to people who did… Read More ›

The AlpinerX Alive

Unapologetically innovative and timelessly sleek – reach your summit with the AlpinerX Alive. Following the success of its predecessor, our new model reimagines the classic sports watch for men while combining tradition and technology. With features such as activity tracking,… Read More ›

Dalgona coffee

So, how do make you one of these gloriously creamy beverages at home? Well – and this a crucial factor to its popularity – the recommended method is touted to be relatively easy. In fact, you’ll probably have all the… Read More ›

Apple and Google vs Covid-19

Across the world, governments and health authorities are working together to find solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic, to protect people and get society back up and running. Software developers are contributing by crafting technical tools to help combat the virus… Read More ›

Look at paintings

Follow our short audio guides and journey inside paintings of people, places and landscapes. Uncover their stories, feel their moods and notice their details… More here. Such a relaxing site.