Electric classic car conversions

While aesthetically beautiful, classic cars have a reputation for being unreliable and bad for the environment. That’s why companies like UK-based Lunaz are converting these old automobiles to electric vehicles (EVs). It says it can give cars like this 1950s Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud a new lease on life, while making them easier to maintain and […]

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Telescopefish are solitary, active predators, frequenting the mesopelagic to bathypelagic zones of the water column, from 500 to 3,000m… More here. What a amazing looking creature.

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Mind bent

TikTok user Beatonthebeeb was able to break down the illusion by taking the cars out of the context of the photo and lining them up next to each other, revealing that they were in fact all the same size. The TikTokker went on to explain that because the cars are positioned on a hill, our […]

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My Journey into QAnon

It started with an anonymous post in 2017. They called themselves ‘Q’ and left a trail of cryptic messages for an increasing number of followers to obsess over. Over the years, the conspiracy theory became a movement, crashing into mainstream politics and breaking countless families along the way. Over this investigation, journalist Nicky Woolf dives […]

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