£140 for 50g of chocolate!

An unusually dry and overcast growing season, combined with a mild roast and minimal conching, has produced arguably the most floral edition of To’ak chocolate thus far. This is our attempt at emulating the historic flavor profile of Heirloom Nacional… Read More ›

Sam’s Study

This wood model kit will make you fall in love with arts and crafts. It takes time and patience, but you’ll feel greatly fulfilled once you finish it. You may paint, assemble, stitch and even architect in this lovely suite…. Read More ›

Ruining the moon

The U.S. government has long rejected the notion that the Moon is some kind of “global commons,” and it’s not a signatory to the Moon Agreement, an international treaty intended to promote equitable distribution of off-world resources and prevent territorial… Read More ›

The 1.0x Speed List

I listen to a lot of podcasts, usually on 2.5× speed, with silences removed. That sometimes bumps the playback up to 3.25× speed. Some might say that’s sociopathic, and I’m inclined to agree! But I have many shows to get… Read More ›