Girls will be girls, Boys can be anything they want to be

Such a good thread which only uses photos to get the point over. The evidence speaks for itself and highlights just how much we, as a society, limit the ambitions of women from a very early age.

Norway bans the breeding of Cavalier King Charles spaniels

Norway is banning the breeding of English bulldogs and Cavalier King Charles spaniels.

In a ruling this week, Animal Protection Norway said the breeding of the dogs went against the country’s Animal Welfare Act, citing the inherent health problems the dogs face.

Evidence has shown that both breeds experience severe breathing conditions, eye problems, skin infections, heart problems, as well as joint problems… More here. Thanks to Tom.

I love our Cavalier, Murray, very much, but I do agree with this move. Murray is in heart failure and is slowly progressing towards the end as he starts to slow down, and we will make the final decision if we believe for one moment that he is suffering.

He is only 6 years old and had also had a major operation on his cruciate ligament while being on 3 different sets of medication each day to keep him alive. Far too many of his breed suffer these problems and the wonderful traits they have cannot logically outweigh the suffering the animals and their owners experience.

Drawings of Root Systems

We know that plants can inspire art. If you, personally, still require convincing on that point, just have a look at Elizabeth Twining’s Illustrations of the Natural Orders of Plants, the drawings of Ernst Heinrich Haeckel, Elizabeth Blackwell’s A Curious Herbal, and Nancy Anne Kingsbury Wollstonecraft’s Specimens of the Plants and Fruits of the Island of Cuba — not to mention the paintings of Georgia O’ Keeffe — all previously featured here on Open Culture. But those works concern themselves only with plant life as it exists above ground… More here.

Art really can be highly educational at times.

Man uses 72-year-old toaster every day

A man who uses his 72-year-old toaster every day said he was embracing the spirit of the wartime generation.

Jimmy James, from Stanwick, in Northamptonshire, said the toaster was manufactured in December 1949 and given to his parents as a wedding present… More here.

I was not saddened when our kettle broke last week because we had been using it for 4 years. I thought it had done well which shows how easily I accept quick obsolescence now.

Why is everybody becoming so entitled?

My wife works in a hospital and has noticed that over the last few years, people have become less polite, less patient and far more prone to become angry at the slightest inconvenience, she says that Covid has made it worse but it was happening before 2020. Have you noticed similar and what is our problem? More here.

I have noticed this time and time again, an inability to deal with something going wrong or any mild convenience without kicking off. My wife has seen this behaviour rise as well over the past few years and it seems to be growing. The argument, however, that the pace of our lives is plausible, but I’m not convinced of that.

Anti-5G necklaces found to be radioactive

Necklaces and accessories claiming to “protect” people from 5G mobile networks have been found to be radioactive.

The Dutch authority for nuclear safety and radiation protection (ANVS) issued a warning about ten products it found gave off harmful ionising radiation.

It urged people not to use the products, which could cause harm with long-term wear… More here.

Um.. no words on this one.

Download your Twitter archive

You can request a full record and archive of all your Twitter activity — all your tweets, photos, followers, and more — by heading to your Account options page on the website or in the app. It might take a while to download depending on how active your account is, but you’ll be able to download it on any device… More here.

I had never thought of doing this, but have now requested my archive. Sure it will arrive at some point…