Download your Twitter archive

You can request a full record and archive of all your Twitter activity — all your tweets, photos, followers, and more — by heading to your Account options page on the website or in the app. It might take a while to download depending on how active your account is, but you’ll be able to […]

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It’s a job. I’m a cog.

Lesson I wish I’d learned sooner: While it’s good to “love” my work, it’s important for me to remember that a job will never “love” me back. It’s a job. I’m a cog. So instead of putting my “love” into the company, I put it into what I’m doing, who it’s for, and why I […]

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“I’m off to bed”

“I’m off to bed” – Translation: I’m off to lie down and worry about the future and also to worry about every mistake I’ve ever made, no matter how great or small, and to go over all the embarrassing moments from my past that I’ll never ever forget. Night night. One of the most British […]

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