Apple Ring Concept

The Ring band has a touchscreen running around it while the Ring Pro has a chiseled form factor and a display that matches the Apple Watch. The rings are both designed in solid metal for durability and owing to their… Read More ›

iPhone 14 : Trailer

The Biggest upgrade to iPhone is HERE with a Second Slider Screen, Face ID and Touch ID security system, A16 Bionic, the world’s fastest smartphone chip and New Beautiful Colors! Well that won’t happen because it makes little sense to… Read More ›

The Apple One

There is a very interesting selection of Apple concept designs here, but the one above stands out for me. It looks ridiculous at first glance, but imagine something like this as a tool to carry around when you do not… Read More ›

macOS Mammoth

With Mammoth, we’d like to see a dynamic flexible menu bar that can shrink and grow at will. It reserves more space for windows at the top of your display and hides a giant section of the menu bar that… Read More ›