The Apple One

There is a very interesting selection of Apple concept designs here, but the one above stands out for me. It looks ridiculous at first glance, but imagine something like this as a tool to carry around when you do not… Read More ›

macOS Mammoth

With Mammoth, we’d like to see a dynamic flexible menu bar that can shrink and grow at will. It reserves more space for windows at the top of your display and hides a giant section of the menu bar that… Read More ›

Mac OS To-Go. What if?

I started off imagining what iOS would look like in classic Mac OS style. I kicked things off stylizing iOS with the platinum design and ultimately decided to meld it with classic Mac OS user interface elements. The project became… Read More ›

iPhone Flip

A super professional concept video, but this style of flip makes no sense to me. You may get a more pocket friendly device, but the compromises required would be far too numerous to make it worthwhile. And, how many people… Read More ›