iPhone Flip

A super professional concept video, but this style of flip makes no sense to me. You may get a more pocket friendly device, but the compromises required would be far too numerous to make it worthwhile. And, how many people… Read More ›

One time telling dot

You won’t find any hour, minute, or second hand on this watch, in fact, the watch is named after the French word for “without.” Sans is a stainless steel concept watch that offers a relaxed alternative approach to telling time,… Read More ›

iPhone 13 Pro concept

Apple iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro TRAILER. Innovative 360 Degree Screen. The REAL iPhone 13 and 13 Pro! Obviously far from real, but like so many concepts the practicalities leave something to be desired.

Hyundai’s Prophecy concept EV

Hyundai’s new concept car, the all-electric, mostly-autonomous Prophecy, resembles a high-gloss pebble that’s been smoothed by hundreds of years on a riverbed. It also looks a lot like a Tesla’s face and a Porsche’s rear-end got welded together and someone… Read More ›