Space 2081

Giving spaceships back their spotlight, Dalakishvili set out to design a watch that encapsulates the futuristic aesthetics and fine-tuned, technical details of spaceships. Space 2081 takes on subtle detailing to hone in on the watch’s futurist look and incorporates an analog display in ode to the mechanical precision of spaceships… More here.

This may be viewed as silly, but it highlights just how stagnant and traditional design is in the watch industry. There is huge scope for modernisation.

Where is the personality in tech?

For geeks who want more than just a standard MagSafe charger for their den, the UFO MagSafe Wireless Charger will be the preferred choice. This cute-looking accessory for the Apple ecosystem is currently just a concept design, but we want to see it make it to the shelves. It’s like a UFO riding on the back of your iPhone 13 minus, all the shenanigans of gimmicky gadgets. The accessory is minimalistic in form and doesn’t go overboard with the spaceship design. UFO MagSafe strikes on first look and doesn’t fade away like other flashy accessories. In fact, it grows on me every time I have a glance at the realistic renders to churn out this write-up… More here.

You could look at this concept design and think that it is childish, or you could ask yourself where the fun and personality has gone in new technology? You could ask yourself if everything is becoming too Apple-ised and you would be right to question it. I think it is time for some more fun to be included in new tech designs. Do you?

Crazy Concept Cars

These are my top 10 picks for the most amazing cars in the world! In 2019 I spent over half the year living out of a suitcase to hunt down the most unique and incredible cars all over the world!

I’m not a car guy, but some of these are beyond what should be expected in 2022, yet alone in 2019. Highlights what can be done when you have very large companies pushing themselves to the limit simply for exploration.

LEGO cameras

Happy International Lego Day! If you didn’t know it was a thing, well, now you do. And to celebrate, here’s a look at some brilliant cameras made of Lego – including one that actually “takes” Lego photographs! More here.

LEGO never fails to impress. The Olympus OM-1 which is included in the above article is amazing.

Bringing excitement back to the smartphone

The iPhone 13 gets closest to that kind of emotional payoff of increased satisfaction with its battery life, which is so strong it has banished battery anxiety from my daily routine – even on the now-rare days I bounce between meetings.

For iPhone admirers, this new machine will doubtless represent pleasingly crisp continuity. But if you’re looking for something to make you appreciate the smartphone again, you may not get what you want from the iPhone 13… More here.

The reality is that 95% of people do not get excited by smartphones and that the majority are mature enough to just want better practical features such as battery life and cameras. In 2021 a phone is a phone and expecting a wow factor from a new model is like expecting an emotional buzz from a new washing machine.

Maybe one way to bring back more positive emotions would be to offer hardware customisation that would make the devices more personal to the owner. Such as the modular concept below. You can read more about it here.

The modularity dream for a phone that can swap parts like a Lego brick is still longing for perfection and this concept fuels the fire. Just like the Fairphone, Nicola Morelli’s Soul smartphone concept gives us something to dream about. A phone that can turn into a high-end DSLR camera or turn into a high-end customizable accessory for fitness freaks. The Nintendo Switch-like interactive vibe is more about changing the format of the gadget using extensive modules rather than just adding functions with internal hardware swapping. Soul itself is one of the modules and the other attachable modules are called bodies. The main module itself can be used as a basic smartphone when you don’t require any other functions.

Apple Ring Concept

The Ring band has a touchscreen running around it while the Ring Pro has a chiseled form factor and a display that matches the Apple Watch. The rings are both designed in solid metal for durability and owing to their free-flowing design should be pretty comfortable to wear. The Ring Pro may be on the bulkier side given its layout, but the sleek Ring should be a good device to check vital stats while workout or making or receiving calls on the go. Presumably, when something like these rings lands, the Ring Pro-style device would make a smart ring, while the Ring would suit the fitness band tasks… More here.

Oh my word that is bad. Fitting so much functionality into such a traditional object and barely changing the original form is about as daft as a concept can get.

iPhone 14 : Trailer

The Biggest upgrade to iPhone is HERE with a Second Slider Screen, Face ID and Touch ID security system, A16 Bionic, the world’s fastest smartphone chip and New Beautiful Colors!

Well that won’t happen because it makes little sense to me and it also reminds me very much of some older Android phones from back in the day. Then again, it’s always nice to see people dream up ideas like this.

The Motocompo XL bike concept

So, what would a Motocompo on steroids and muscle be like? Shedding away its sweet character for a hotter version of itself – undeniable metamorphosis and rising like a phoenix from the ashes of time. This metaphoric vision is soulfully represented in the Honda Motocompo XL bike mustered up by 3D artist Allan Williams. It inherits the DNA of the original Motocompo scooter in more ways than not – the boxy shape being one. Just imagine it being an XL version of the compact scooter – loaded with the mean machine racing character, the Motocompo XL is a cafe racer right out of the pop culture handbook… More here.

Can you imagine being seen riding that?

There’s a new iPhone in my camera

A big protruding single 35mm lens setup that has an f1.2 i aperture sensor promises the ultimate photography experience. Something comparable to a DSLR. The lens is so big, it almost feels like an add-on to the sleek body frame of the imagined iPhone. While I believe, this design will never make it past the drawing boards, still who’s stopping concept designers from challenging the future of very stagnated phone design philosophy… More here.

This concept makes a lot of sense to me. If there is one area that Apple will continually improve in big ways it is the iPhone camera.