iPod Classic 2021 (a compromise?)

The cool concept is a spitting image of the iPhone 12 Pro unique design highlighted by the shimmering metal stainless steel body and the flat sides with contoured edges. Talk of the Apple’s MP3 player and how one could forget the haptic feedback of the click wheel – so, Andrea’s design brings back that element with an added touch of the Apple Remote for uniqueness. It’s so cool I want it right away… More here.

Hmmm. Take the iPhone 12 design, cut the screen in half and add a click wheel. While it may invoke some memories and positive feelings it really is the ultimate compromise in place of usability and practicality.

The Apple One

There is a very interesting selection of Apple concept designs here, but the one above stands out for me.

It looks ridiculous at first glance, but imagine something like this as a tool to carry around when you do not need a full-sized iPhone. It could be a decent camera, an adequate YouTube player and would be capable of communications in a variety of ways.

The problem is that the iPhone exists and so does the Apple Watch of which the latter is getting ore capable all of the time.

macOS Mammoth

With Mammoth, we’d like to see a dynamic flexible menu bar that can shrink and grow at will. It reserves more space for windows at the top of your display and hides a giant section of the menu bar that often serves no purpose. Both the right and left sides of the menu bar would collapse into small pill-shaped boxes that float on top of your content rather than being locked to the corners. If an app has more menu bar items, the pill can expand and vice versa. Lots of modern Mac apps that are making their way over from iOS don’t even utilize the menu bar that much… More here.

Excellent concept. It’s the little touches that can mean the most.

The Apple Watch is getting squarer

Some of the renders in the above video look scarily realistic. If this is the ‘shape’ of things to come for the Apple Watch I must admit that I am not keen.

Apple would do better to make the watch design more personable and less like a slab of electronics, even if it does mean better battery performance.

A round Apple Watch with unlimited faces?

Titled the Apple Watch Loop, this concept by Felipe Duarte does two things – it brings variety to Apple’s smartwatch offering and adds a beautifully-basic ‘Air’ variant in Apple’s watch lineup, just like with their other products like the iPhone Mini, iPad Air, and MacBook Air… More here.

I remain convinced that Apple needs to make a circular Apple Watch. I do understand that more digital information can be squeezed into a square screen, but with some imagination a round display can work. Also, it looks better, it is able to create a more personal look and the sheer tradition of round watches just works. Come on Apple, get on with it!

The question of third party watch faces will not go away either and there is a growing community of people who want just this. I do get why people want this, but I can’t help thinking that it would become a source of mere copies of Rolex etc than adding anything practical.

I really don’t see Apple doing it. If this was likely we would already see themes on iOS.

Mac OS To-Go. What if?

I started off imagining what iOS would look like in classic Mac OS style. I kicked things off stylizing iOS with the platinum design and ultimately decided to meld it with classic Mac OS user interface elements. The project became a mobile version of Mac OS 9 otherwise known by its codename, Sonata. I chose to call the software “Mac OS 9 To-Go” and wanted to see what it would look like on a 90s PDA/smartphone. It led to the first product, the Newton Phone… More here.

The reason Apple did so well in the mobile world is because the company specifically avoided operating systems that tried to act like their desktop counterparts. Microsoft didn’t work that out and failed, but BlackBerry and Palm did understand. There has never been a ‘computer-like’ mobile OS that worked or was successful.

The OnePlus Concept One Watch

While on first look it might seem like any other smartwatch, there’s one thing that makes it stand out from the crowd. When the camera app is activated, the glass magically turns transparent to reveal the sensors otherwise hidden from plain sight. The Concept One Watch employs this technology to blur the lines between a classic analog watch with kinetic movement and modern-day smartwatch functionality. The Android WearOS watch is a perfect hybrid capable of satisfying proponents of classic watches and ones who like the more modern approach of the connected ecosystem of smartwatches… More here.

An interesting idea, but I am fast coming to the conclusion that hybrid watches may not be long for this world. It will either be traditional or smart with nothing in between.

Literary Clock Made From E-reader

Really the only thing needed is an e-reader (and a USB cable to connect to it). For this project, a Kindle was donated to me by a friend. It is a Kindle 3 WiFi (nicknamed K3, or K3W). You will find many second-hand earlier models like that on eBay for instance.

You’ll need a computer (any operating system), with an SSH client like vSSH and an sFTP client like Filezilla installed (both are free). It helps to have a bit of experience with Linux, because that is what the Kindle runs on… More here.

You will need a LOT of time to make this.

iPhone Flip

A super professional concept video, but this style of flip makes no sense to me. You may get a more pocket friendly device, but the compromises required would be far too numerous to make it worthwhile. And, how many people actually struggle with the size of their phones these days?

It is possible that a horizontal flip iPhone may work, but it would have to offer real world benefits that make it worth the compromises. A bigger screen is fine, but likely Apple would want to make a device that can actually be used as a very small laptop style tool as well. That may work…

Power your iPhone and Apple Watch inside a mini Mac

Inspired by the daily sunrise, industrial designer Taesung Yoon has thought of the 2 in 1 Apple Devices Charging Stand (yes, that’s the name of this accessory) that does what it says. Designed after feedback from the data-driven research and realizing what people actually want in their unified Apple charging stand, this accessory has been cleverly designed for form and function. The charging stand’s vertical stance with a slightly arched top means that the iPhone sits comfortably without the fear of accidentally toppling it over with an accidental shove. Likewise, the possibility of using it for watching multimedia content is also there. The same port is used for charging the AirPods Pro when needed… More here.

This is such a clever design. The way he has created a nod to the Mac with this accessory is inspired.