Bringing excitement back to the smartphone

The iPhone 13 gets closest to that kind of emotional payoff of increased satisfaction with its battery life, which is so strong it has banished battery anxiety from my daily routine – even on the now-rare days I bounce between meetings.

For iPhone admirers, this new machine will doubtless represent pleasingly crisp continuity. But if you’re looking for something to make you appreciate the smartphone again, you may not get what you want from the iPhone 13… More here.

The reality is that 95% of people do not get excited by smartphones and that the majority are mature enough to just want better practical features such as battery life and cameras. In 2021 a phone is a phone and expecting a wow factor from a new model is like expecting an emotional buzz from a new washing machine.

Maybe one way to bring back more positive emotions would be to offer hardware customisation that would make the devices more personal to the owner. Such as the modular concept below. You can read more about it here.

The modularity dream for a phone that can swap parts like a Lego brick is still longing for perfection and this concept fuels the fire. Just like the Fairphone, Nicola Morelli’s Soul smartphone concept gives us something to dream about. A phone that can turn into a high-end DSLR camera or turn into a high-end customizable accessory for fitness freaks. The Nintendo Switch-like interactive vibe is more about changing the format of the gadget using extensive modules rather than just adding functions with internal hardware swapping. Soul itself is one of the modules and the other attachable modules are called bodies. The main module itself can be used as a basic smartphone when you don’t require any other functions.

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