Christmas Day on a covid ward

“We’ve had to pull staff away from their Christmas celebrations to help us in the last minute. But how long can we continue like this? It’s the same number of colleagues we’re calling upon.”

As we walk down the corridor, Dr Munavvar points out the red zone, where there are a number of suspected COVID patients, and the blue zone where the beds are occupied with people who’ve tested positive for the virus… More here.

This could be the biggest long term problem of the pandemic. How can the staff keep going the way they are physically and mentally, and especially so because they hear much criticism and have to treat those who won’t have the vaccine.

I am seeing this first hand and the toll it takes is huge for everyone in the NHS, and presumably in other health services around the world, and yet there is no plan to give these people a chance of a normal life when this is all over.

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