Consoles of the ’70s

As the first home console ever, the Odyssey ran on batteries and games came on removable circuit cards, not cartridges. The Odyssey tragically lacked sound capability, but that was later rectified. Also looks uncannily like a defibrillator… More here. I… Read More ›

Recovering lost software

At the beginning of the home computer revolution, the humble compact cassette was far and away the most popular choice for microcomputer data storage, especially on the European continent. As a volunteer at the Museum of Computing, [Keith] was instrumental… Read More ›

Lance Barr retires

Lance Barr? Who is he you ask? Well, he has been doing something remarkable for 39 years… Barr’s first work for Nintendo involved designing arcade cabinets, but soon enough, he was put in charge of designing the Nintendo Entertainment System… Read More ›

Queen: Rock Tour

Queen: Rock Tour has been released and after Bob tipped me off I gave it a try. It is so well made and great fun to play. Yes, they may be the best band who ever lived, but I still… Read More ›