Apple Ring Concept

The Ring band has a touchscreen running around it while the Ring Pro has a chiseled form factor and a display that matches the Apple Watch. The rings are both designed in solid metal for durability and owing to their… Read More ›


THE+RECORD PLAYER is the first high fidelity integrated turntable system featuring a built-in, high-performance stereo music system with high quality phono components and advanced listening features. Made to please the discerning listener, it can be enjoyed by any music lover… Read More ›

The Biro

In 1945, a new invention that had helped to win the Second World War went on sale in the United States and Britain. First seen as an expensive novelty, it soon went on to become not only a part of… Read More ›

The UX of LEGO

At a glance, the variety of these designs can be overwhelming, but it’s clear that some of these interfaces look far more chaotic than others. Most interfaces in our world contain a blend of digital screens and analog inputs like… Read More ›

The COSMO E-Guitar

Cosmos core feature is its freely movable and easily exchangeable pickup system. Sounds complex, but it’s wonderfully simple: The magnetic pickups stay on the sheet metal surface by themselves. Find almost infinite sound colors by moving the pickups! Without making… Read More ›

Reading nook ideas

Reading nook ideas can take advantage of a home’s features such as a bay window or an alcove. But they can equally be designed into a square or rectangular room, allowing these regularly shaped spaces to provide the cozy surroundings… Read More ›