One time telling dot

You won’t find any hour, minute, or second hand on this watch, in fact, the watch is named after the French word for “without.” Sans is a stainless steel concept watch that offers a relaxed alternative approach to telling time,… Read More ›

Where Does My Power Lie?

As I live alone, my constant companion has been the radio. One morning I was listening to broadcaster, James O’Brien, who uttered a phrase that has rattled in my head ever since. ‘Where does my power lie? And what can… Read More ›

A ‘home’ office

Earlier this year the amazing Boon Rawd Brewery Headquarters was completed. It’s located in Bangkok, Thailand and it was designed by studio pbm. The 5500 square meter space is structured into several large areas that serve distinct functions… More here…. Read More ›

The MOFT Float

In its folded avatar, the MOFT Float looks and feels like any iPad Pro cover. It’s both rugged yet deceptively slim, and fits not one, but two friction hinges into its design, allowing you to open it out and pivot… Read More ›

The Moke is back

If you’re a fan of advanced automotive engineering and cutting-edge technology, you can look away now. But anyone with even a passing interest in quirky British classic motoring will probably be amused to learn that you can now buy a… Read More ›

The Helvezzia Tipo-6

The Helvezzia Tipo-6 exists in a parallel universe where electric vehicles were commonplace back in the 1940s. I wouldn’t be surprised though, if the world, plagued by the 2nd World War and the need to have an efficient way to… Read More ›

The Avanguardia

The heart of the design is the “swan head” that functions as a control tower and can adjust the position of the yacht by lowering itself into the boat’s body. It can also fold down into the water, forming a… Read More ›