The Ciclotte Bike

Ciclotte Bike is the result of an aesthetic research inspired by ergonomics and essentiality and realized by using high-tech materials like carbon fibres, glass fibres and steel. The iconic circular shape and the use of carbon express the bike’s strong… Read More ›


Pampshade is created with an entirely new concept of interior lights. They are made of real bread. Good bread makes us feel happy and peaceful. Pampshade gives you both the comfort of bread and gentle light. One of a kind… Read More ›

The Persistence of Memory

Before the emergence of formalised structures of watch production in the early 19th century, serving as precursors to the modern watch manufacturing houses we know today, watchmaking existed in a cottage industry like setting where watchmakers pursued their métier “independent”… Read More ›

Window lights / light windows

Constructed from steel rods with a hinge opening method, the minimalistic lamp fixtures can be peeled open to form multiple sets of different angles. When Māyā’s steel rods are fully unfurled, forming an obtuse angle with the lamp’s hinges, the… Read More ›

The Bandit9 Jaeger

The Jaeger is the latest collaboration between Bandit9 Motorcycles and Royal Enfield. The Continental GT 650 gets the Bandit9 treatment; a transformation of a modern classic to a sleek, slender, futuristic ride. A motorcycle designed to its limits and engineered… Read More ›

A wearable air conditioner

The Saiga wearable changes our perception of the temperature in two ways. First, it provides cooling by conduction onto specific locations on the neck. Second, it allows the wearer to breathe cold air when they need a boost of relief… Read More ›