The Leica L1 & Leica L2 watches (not cameras)

Handcrafted foreverness and engineering excellence focused on the essential: Leica L1 and Leica L2. The first Leica watch collection is the perfect combination of more than 150 years of Leica’s brand culture, visionary design and unmatched quality. Clear and distinctive elementary design features, functionality, durability and sophisticated creative details set new standards in the watchmaking […]

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ZYLCH, a zero-waste cup

ZYLCH is the reusable stainless steel cup that folds down to pocket-size and later expands into a 100% leakproof premium-grade cup. It is designed to bring style, innovation, and joy to sustainable living. ZYLCH’s thermo-insulating heat sleeve doubles as a carrying case making transport a breeze! More here. Rarely do I see a product on […]

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Crazy Concept Cars

These are my top 10 picks for the most amazing cars in the world! In 2019 I spent over half the year living out of a suitcase to hunt down the most unique and incredible cars all over the world! I’m not a car guy, but some of these are beyond what should be expected […]

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Mastering The Masters in Miniature

These three masterpieces have been reproduced by Jaeger-LeCoultre in a trio of watches called the Reverso Tribute Enamel Hidden Treasures – each one created using grand feu enamel and miniature painting, topped with guillochage on the dial. Doing justice to these works on a tiny watch face is master enameler Sophie Quenaon. She and her […]

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The SMEG Futro e-scooter concept

Relying heavily on the Vespa (and even SMEG’s) soft, rounded, colorful, fun-loving image, the SMEG Futro is an e-scooter concept that embodies the feeling of driving down to the beach, the park, or the lake for a lazy Sunday. The scooter’s curved form language is a direct inspiration of SMEG’s own design styles and leans […]

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The Lenco LS-410WA

The Lenco LS-410 is a turntable with built-in speakers. The four speakers (two 15-Watt speakers and two 10-Watt speakers) provide a nicely balanced sound. The turntable is easy to use. Simply plug it in and instantly enjoy your favourite LP! Alternatively, stream your playlist on your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to […]

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The Voyager Tricorder V2

You have to be a senior fan/nerd to take the time to create this, but boy is it ultra impressive. Wow this one really has been a LONG time coming.I originally started work on this new updated version over 2 years ago.And I have spent pretty much all of this year working hard to get […]

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Hiding tech in plain sight

Homes today are filled with so much technology that it’s impossible not to notice one or two in a room, whether it be the latest smart TV or a fabric-covered smart speaker. While many of these home-centric devices are intentionally designed to look at home in your home, they often still stick out and call […]

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