Cat Furniture

We choose wooden material to give the high-quality touches.They are the cat beds make the interior more aesthetic and functional.They are the decoration you would want to share with the world… More here. These designs are very clever indeed and they offer a way to give your cat somewhere to play while not dominating your […]

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LEGO animal sculptures

When constructing his sculptures, the Japanese LEGO enthusiast tends towards a cyberpunk aesthetic and gray-scale color palette to highlight his signature style. His varied collection includes LEGO sculptures of walruses, Huntsman spiders, crayfish, cicadas, triceratops, beetles, shoebills, and even microscopic water bears… More here. These are amazing.

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The Khonsu Clock Lamp

When decorating your home, it’s always considered a win-win when something is both fashionable and functional. Take the Khonsu Clock Lamp for example: Crafted from metal, it boasts a round silhouette, so it’s sure to make a bold statement on any bare space in your abode plus it functions as a lamp and wireless charger […]

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The Objet TV

What makes Objet different is the fact that it is covered with fabric. So, when you’re not using it, the TV can completely blend into the background, which is ideal if you or your guests really dislike TVs but need to have one anyways. The cover is remote controlled and can be raised to different […]

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Apple Ring Concept

The Ring band has a touchscreen running around it while the Ring Pro has a chiseled form factor and a display that matches the Apple Watch. The rings are both designed in solid metal for durability and owing to their free-flowing design should be pretty comfortable to wear. The Ring Pro may be on the […]

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THE+RECORD PLAYER is the first high fidelity integrated turntable system featuring a built-in, high-performance stereo music system with high quality phono components and advanced listening features. Made to please the discerning listener, it can be enjoyed by any music lover seeking a compact and elegant vinyl playing solution… More here. I like the unusual look […]


The Biro

In 1945, a new invention that had helped to win the Second World War went on sale in the United States and Britain. First seen as an expensive novelty, it soon went on to become not only a part of our everyday lives, but one that revolutionized how we communicate. This was the Biro, the […]

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The UX of LEGO

At a glance, the variety of these designs can be overwhelming, but it’s clear that some of these interfaces look far more chaotic than others. Most interfaces in our world contain a blend of digital screens and analog inputs like switches and dials. These LEGO panels are no different. Plotting the panels across these two […]

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