My “Minimal” iPhone Setup

There’s no absolute right or wrong with these choices, each way of management has its advantages and costs.

However, most of them rest their hope on “the problem may disappear naturally over time”, and end up avoiding the problem instead of facing it.

After running some testing and experimenting, I have discovered some tips and tricks that can help you make a smarter decision on your phone — and even a better-looking interface… More here. Thanks to Kirk.

I have always felt that empty spaces are a waste of space, but the above makes me think again.

Categories: Apple, Apps, Customisation, iPad, iPhone

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  1. I think giving up half my first homepage real estate to widgets – the default calendar and then widgetsmith’s “fuzzy time” which REALLY resonates for me – achieved some similar things in terms of thinking more carefully about what launchers I really want to have handy

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