Eono by Amazon – Case for iPhone 11 Pro thoughts

This case is unique for one very simple reason- you get to choose the colour button covers you want to use and a variety of options are included in the box.

This is obviously a novelty, but for £9.99 the case itself stands up well against the competition. It fits very securely and has a very soft feel despite being made of hard plastic. It is hard to describe, but it does feel exceptionally comfortable.

It also claims to offer an anti-scratch design alongside being dirt resistant, fingerprint free and anti-fouling (whatever that is?). The camera is protected well and it appears to protect all of the most fragile areas.

Installing the button covers is a bit of a hit or miss affair and while I had no problem with the volume buttons it took ten attempts, yes ten, to get the power button cover right.

Truth be told, without the coloured button covers this would be a worthy choice for under £10, but the coloured covers add a sweet element of fun which is an added bonus. I am impressed.

Note: this case was purchased with donated funds through Buy Me A Coffee (the little orange coffee cup on the home page).

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  1. There was another company that used to do cases like this. I can’t remember the name of it now. They were famous for their port cover on the bottom too.

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